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Non Doubling HCG, Low Progesterone

I had a miscarriage on May 23rd of this year.  I found out we were expecting again on Sept 11.  I found out a week before I was due for my period, so I though I may be a little further along.  I went into my doctor to get a Beta HCG and it was On Sept 17 my number was 2200 so my midwife thought I may had been further along than 4 weeks.  I went the 19st and it had dropped to 2100.  My midwife called and said we were more than likely going down the road of a miscarriage again.  I had the test repeated on 21st and it was 5200  so it jumped back up.  On the 23rd my Beta HCG was 6119.  I had an ultrasound and had a gestational sac measuring 5 weeks and 1 day.  I went back on the 30th for repeat hcg and ultrasound, number is 16345 so it is still going up but my sac is measuring 5 weeks 5 days so it is a couple days off.  There was a gestational sac and yolk sac but no fetal pole yet.  I asked to have my progesterone checked and it was 7.4 so my midwife said it was low, but acted like it wasn't going to help anything now that it probably wasn't a viable pregnancy, but my numbers should be dropping by now?  I'm a little over 6 weeks is it to late to start progesterone?  Can it help things to go in the right direction with my numbers and such?  The midwife says I am a very unique case. 

Re: Non Doubling HCG, Low Progesterone

  • Wow i know that is stressful! Do you have another u/s scheduled soon? I know the progesterone won't help unless it is a viable pregnancy. So sorry things are so up in the air right now, i know how un-nerving it can be. I think a follow up u/s will tell you more than your levels at this point. Wishing you the best and hope you have some answers soon.
  • Think about you. And I hope you'll get answer soon. Waiting is the worst way to live.
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  • I don't have a personal experience but have seen many woman who need progesterone supplements start right after they ovulate or right when they get a +hpt...not usually this late in the game.  The waiting game is horrible.  
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