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please help

Hi I'm 35 weeks pregnant this is really hard and if ur going to be mean please don't say anything I feel bad enough as it is I have been on pain medication for over 5 years when I found out I was pregnant I stopped using but I have takin a hydro here's and there I haven't told my Dr about my addiction and I'm scared if they test my babies stool she will come back positive for opiated if I pass my test will they still call cps and will cps take my baby can someone please help me with I t judging me I'm really scared

Re: please help

  • If your baby test positive yes they can get involved but no they do not just take your baby away. Also it might be good to tell your doctor what happened, they tend to listen and understand better then you think. I know it's hard but try to not take them anymore but get help if needed, you don't have to do it alone. I wish you the very best! 
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