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Soft markers for trisomy 21

Hey ladies!
So at my 20 week ultrasound, the doctor found three soft markers for trisomy 21. A slightly thick nuchal fold, echogenic bowel, and a dilated kidney. We scheduled a follow up ultrasound with a high-risk pregnancy doctor for six weeks later. I had the appointment yesterday. After the tech did all the measurements, the doctor came in for literally 40 seconds and said "the nuchal fold is no longer relevant at this gestational age, his colon has cleared up so physically he is fine, but we can't say anything genetically. Sometimes it just goes away. We'll make another appointment to check on his kidney, just so his pediatrician is aware." And then left. I know without any screening I can't know for sure, but I was just wondering if anyone else has this kind of experience? I had been so worried for bad news, then I got no real news.

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  • My baby had echogenic bowels at 19 week scan... And was measuring small and a few other things. They scared me to death.
    I went ahead with an amnio. The risk is SO LOW that it could hurt the baby and of done at a reputable doctor/hospital then the risk is as low as 1:800 for risk of miscarriage. In hindsight I am glad I did it because they test for everything and at least now I know that my baby may be small, but physically he is perfect :). Something to consider...
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  • Im a first time mom; I had my 19 week ultrasound, and found out that we are having a baby girl! The doctor said he also discovered a soft marker on the bowel(echogenic bowel). He said it could a warning sign for more things but he didn't see any other markers... he also said that the baby could of possibly swallowed some blood as well. (I got pregnant with iud so after removal I had alittle bleeding). We did some test, and now I'm playing the waiting game. . How did things play out for you? ?
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  • Any outcome? Just know that nuchal fold numbers can change quickly and just because there are/were soft markers doesn't diagnose anything.
    Screenings are just that, too. So, if you have one or had one, remember that is also not a diagnosis. The only way to diagnose a trisomy is with amniocentesis or karotype testing after baby is born. I'm carrying a little boy with Down syndrome and am very knowledgable in screenings, testing, markers, etc.
    if you need to talk, just message me.
  • @rmj28 hello, I was told that my daughter has both kidneys dialated but I don't know if that is a sign for Down syndrome. I was wondering if there are other signs that show up. Thanks :)
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