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Progesterone shots

Anyone taking them or took them? What are cons and do you think they actually work

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  • I am 34 weeks 5 days and have been getting them since I was 16 weeks. They seem to be working. I have been showing all the signs of preterm labor but not dialiating. They burn when u get them and at first hurt. But now I don't even notice them
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  • at the beginning(first 3 or 4 times) it made me PMS-y for two days then you go back to normal
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  • I'm currently taking it 25 weeks now seems to help, although I'm one of the very rare that allergic to this shot I still take it every week to help me stay pregnant longer (previous delivery at 24 weeks) per my doctor. My side effects are rough but very rare. Worth it though!
  • I'll be 24 weeks on Thursday and have been on them since 16 weeks.  I never had a problem until last week the nurse shot my butt wrong and it hurt like hell!
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    I was on suppositories. I had zero side effects except for skin irritation if it leaked and I got off of them at 35 w. and kept coming until 37 w. 6.
  • I've been on them since 28 weeks my last time taking it should be 36 weeks is what I was told. I'm prone to have preterm. Babies. And my 3rd was 42 second birth we don't want that again.
  • I took them with my last 2 pregnancies. My OB isn't sure they work/don't work but was of the opinion that we should try everything that could help. I went into PTO at 24 and 22 weeks respectively, but was able to hold off until 35w for delivery both times.
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  • I have been taking the shots since I was 16 weeks however I recently relocated and now I'm told my insurance won't cover them anymore. I'm now 30 weeks and 6days. I'm kind of relieved that I won't have to take them anymore.....I really hate needles! However I get really bad anxiety about it...I'm so ready to give birth I just don't want it to be too soon.
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