Third Row Car Suggestions

Hello Mommas,

I hope everyone is doing well. I have 10 month old twin girls and we are looking to get a new car. We would like a third row, but access to the third row is important. Our girls will be rear facing for at least one more year and I would like to get a car that allows for easy third row access with the rear facing car seat remaining installed. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated. 

We are currently exploring the Audi Q7, the Infinity Qx69 and the Buick Enclave but are open to cars that meet our needs.

thank you so much in advanced! 

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Re: Third Row Car Suggestions

  • I'm going to be test driving a Chevy Tahoe this weekend.
    I have a DD with two little ones on the way.
    I'm hoping to get a car with two bucket seats in the middle row for the twins and a third row for DD. DD will be 2 when the twins arrive so I think I'll end up having her forward facing. That way I'll be able to see her face even though she'll feel so far away!!
  • we caved and got the Honda Odyssey mini-van last fall before getting pregnant with twins. We have 2 older boys, 5 and 7. We planned on a 3rd (and now are getting a 3rd and 4th) so I'm glad we went for the van. I admit it was hard for me b/c I've always been anti-minivan but I am now a convert. So many amazing features in the new ones and my boys can totally grow with it. Plus it helps if I need to carpool other kids etc which is a big deal when they hit school age.
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  • We are also looking into this. We're thinking van which I'm not totally in love with, but I'm sure it will work out to be the best. We want something with two bucket seats so that it will be easier to get everyone in and out.

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  • I'm not a big mini van person, but the Town and Country has really done the job for us. 
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  • Mini van! We're expecting our twins in December and are going to the dealership tomorrow to check out the Dodge Grand Caravan. I was very anti-van but with two car seats, plus gear, and we still wanted a third row if we need to transport any other family, we realized a van is the best option. It's not "sexy" but they're very practical!
  • We are hoping to be able to keep my Ford Escape for my everyday driving since we think we can do 2 carseats and a booster across but are looking into getting an Expedition (I think that's the one lol) for when we all go out as a family and when we make trips which we do a lot of.
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