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BFP!...Well....Maybe not?

Last night when I got home from coaching, I took a pregnancy test and within the window of allotted time, a very faint pink line. This was the exact way I found out with my other two, I tested the day before AF was due and got a squinter. Of course, I was elated. The line showed up after a few minutes- it wasn't left on the counter for a long period of time (not my first rodeo, here). 

This morning when I took a test, the line was even fainter...a REAL squinter. I took the test with me to show my doctor after school (for a blood test) and now the line is completely gone. 

In my experience, the next morning or day, my lines have been darker. I use the dollar store red-dye tests. They have always been steadfast. 

My question- has anyone ever had a positive, followed by a less positive or even a negative, and still had a successful pregnancy? This is all I can think about at work, I am a mess. 

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