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Hi - I'm just beginning to plan my daughter's 1st birthday. I have some time, but thought I'd start early because I like to make a lot of stuff on my own. I started thinking about the guest list and if I include all family (minus a couple that are a plane ride away) and a few friends, I'm up to 48. I really want to have it at home and 48 people will be a pretty tight fit. However, I know that some family from further states (5-6 hour car rides) probably won't come and I def. don't have accommodations for them at my home because my parents and brother and his family will be staying with us. My question I have to invite those family members that live so far away and I don't think will make the trip for a birthday party at 11am on a Saturday morning? There is always a chance some of them will and if they do, I'll have to move it to a different venue. But by then, the invitations will be out...  All this thought about a child's first birthday and no one really wants to go to these things anyway! lol

For my daughter's first birthday, I really wanted to keep it to immediate family and a few friends, but it doesn't always work out like that...  

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