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Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering- Starting Solids

I have a question  and looked through previous threads and did not see it in previous posts.
We have been cloth diapering since DS was a month old and it has been going great! We cloth diaper at home and at daycare. DS is now 6 months,he had previously been EBF but we are now starting to experiment with solids. I just got my spray pal in from amazon and am ready to set it up. 

My question is: do you spray each diaper as you go? or do you do all the diapers at once before you wash? I wash every two-three days so I don't know how the solids would come off after sitting for a couple of days in the pal before spraying. TYIA for any help!

Re: Cloth Diapering- Starting Solids

  • Hi! I typically spray right away or within an hour or so, but day care diapers get sprayed in the evening or sometimes even the next day. It has never been an issue, just requires a longer spray sometimes!
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    I do the similarly to  liontigersandbears . I let all my dirty diapers (I have 2 in cloth) pile up all day, and then spray then all before I go to bed. If the kids have been at daycare that day, I just sort and spray the dc diapers at bedtime too. 
  • I finally got the Diaper Sprayer installed and used it for the first time last night  after LO went to bed. Once I got the hang of maneuvering everything it was so easy! I think I will follow the same suit. I put his cloth diaper pail in the restroom near the toilet so I can spray using the Diaper Pal shield and then slide it into the pail. Thanks for all the advice!
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