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First Scan. Cannot find baby :(

So it was a first scan today. Unsure of dates so this was definate dating for me. There was an obvious sac, 30 x 12 x 11 in size. But the sonographer couldn't find the baby. I have both external and internal scans and neither could she find the baby. I am convinced that during the internal I saw the flicker and looked over at my OH and smiled. But it was quickly moved and she did not say she had seen it. I now have to wait a week to be re scanned and I am in bits :-( please some reassurance or similar experiences (good or bad) just hoping that the pregnancy isn't as far as we thought and baby is too small. I hope I have a tiny shy baby playing peek a boo!x

Re: First Scan. Cannot find baby :(

  • I hope so! A whole 6 days to wait which is going to kill me. Seems fairly common on forums, people have had the same situation and gone back to see a healthy heartbeat. I got my BFP on 28th August. Exactly 6 and 7 ays prior to this after missed period, negatives x
  • Honestly it could go either way. Based on when u got ur bfp (1 month ago) u are approximately 6wks pregnant (give or take a few days since u didn't state when u ovulated or when ur lmp was) so a yolk sac and possibly small fetal pole should be visible by now.. however, I know there are a lot of women out there who have had this same problem early on and gone on to have perfectly normal pregnancies. Unfortunately there is just no way to know for sure until ur next ultrasound. Fingers crossed for u!

  • It could just be too early. My first pregnancy I went to the ER with some cramping and he said my levels weren't rising like they should and he didn't see what he should be seeing for how far along they thought I was. Next regular appointment everything was fine and they found the heartbeat but still said my levels were not rising as they should. I did end up miscarrying but some time after that. My point is that when you are too early they could miss baby in there. The sac is a good sign. If you haven't had any bleeding then I wouldn't worry. The doctors may have made a mistake. They are human so it's possible they just missed it! Sending prayers your way. I'm sure you'll get good news the next appt.
  • If you got a BFP on Aug 28... and if it was 4 weeks after your last period... you could be about 8 weeks and therefore should be seeing a flicker.
    if your dates are off u may be earlier and just not able to see anything yet.
    did you have any bloodwork done prior to ultrasound
  • Technically wouldn't she be more like 8 weeks pregnant? Just sayin'. Next appt should be telling for sure. Good luck!
    6 & 2 year old, 2 losses
  • You can ask for a beta hcg blood test. Number have to be high to see baby on the u/s

  • yah u guys are right it should be closer to 7.5 or 8 weeks, I meant to say "at least 6wks" in my post.
    OP, what have ur beta draw numbers been? They should give u a good idea of what u should be seeing at this point.
    Also, what was ur doctors opinion on what's going on?

  • Thanks for all your replies. Ok, so this is my situation. I stopped taking the pill at the beginning of July, I had a withdrawal bleed around 7th July. I haven't had a proper period since. It's seems I got caught straight away and I missed what should of been my first proper period following coming off the pill. Not sure when I ovulated!!! I am a UK mum to be so it must work different here. I haven't had any bloods at all done. I should of had 6 lots done today after my ultrasound but they said there was no need and sent me home, they said that the early pregnancy unit will take what blood they need on Monday. I feel pregnant and I've had all the symptoms. I haven't had any pain or bleeding and this is what is giving me hope! I haven't seen a doctor. This is a sonographer I have seen today. No nurse intervention. When I go on Monday it is a nurse led service. Don't actually know how I'm going to get to Monday! I'm a wreck. Just hope my little bean is hiding x
  • Also, just to add. My notes say I have a tilted uterus. I've read on the Internet that this occurs in 20% of women and it is harder to see baby early on, also it can show you 2 weeks behind your actual date because of the position of the uterus x
  • Keep us posted after Monday but there's lots of factors you have stated that could lead to them not being able to see it or being off due to unsure dates. Worrying is not good for you or baby though so in the meantime just keep reminding yourself you are pregnant and everything will work out how it's suppose to! I know it's hard but try to stay busy and don't read a lot on blogs, Internet, etc. everyone is different! Best of luck.
  • This actually happened to me. I had a scan at 6w5d after my lmp and there was nothing except gestational sac. Sent home to wait for 10 days expecting mc. 10 days later there was an embryo with a flickering heartbeat! They say i must have ov'd much later then i thought but im not really sure about that due to the fact that i got my Bfp 1 day before af was due, so if i had actually ovulated that late there would be no way i would have got Bfp that early! Anyway - all that to say, somethimes the body does wierd things! GL for your scan and i hope everything turns out well!
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    Thanks ladies. Trying to stay positive. Easier said than done but I am trying. Keep telling myself I've had no signs of anything wrong. The sac is there and baby is hiding! The tilted uterus could also be playing a part. Hope to see that flicker on Monday. Will keep you all updated! In the mean time, if anyone else has had the same experience, please share! It's making me feel alot better x
  • Yes, definitely don't give up hope! I have heard the same thing about difficulty finding the sac with a tilted uterus. Keep us posted :-)

  • Horrific sickness this afternoon. Keeping everything crossed x
  • This happened to me this pregnancy. I went in for an ultrasound when I should have been 9 weeks according to my last mp but we couldn't see anything at all. They did blood tests and my levels were rising normally so I went back 2 weeks later and found baby measuring at 6 weeks. Somehow my cycle and pregnancy were 4-5 weeks off of each other. I am now 10 weeks according to my last ultrasound and am going in again tomorrow for another ultrasound to make sure dating is still the same.
    I have never missed a period except while I was pregnant and so this was very weird for me!!
    Good luck with everything. I bet your dates are just off especially where you haven't had any bleeding.
  • Sickness is a sign that everything is going well! "Morning sickness" anyways. Keep thinking positive! :-bd
  • Staying positive, Monday is getting closer but not close enough. Still no bleeding or pain. Holding onto hope! Please let our little bean be there x
  • On my first scan at 5 weeks all you could see was a sac and a tiny yolk sac I went back 3 weeks later and we could see a little baby moving around with a strong heartbeat. Good luck xx
  • Thank you xx
  • I was only sick for that one day so possibly a bit of a stomach upset which I'm not surprised the terrible week I've had! Probably the worst time of my life to date! Just hope it was too early... praying everything is ok on Monday. Seems so long since last Monday when all this came about. Felt like the last 5 weeks since BFP have been so magical and this week has been dark. One more sleep!!!
  • Sorry to have to report. I have suffered a blighted ovum and am now waiting for a miscarriage.
  • Bizliz35 said:
    Sorry to have to report. I have suffered a blighted ovum and am now waiting for a miscarriage.
    I'm very sorry to hear that. Hugs to you.

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  • When I was 19 I became pregnant. We had exactly that happen. A sac developed but no fetus grew. I had to wait weeks for the miscarriage until finally the doctor did a DNC to force one. It was heart breaking. It took me a long time to finally be okay with it. I can honestly say I am sorry to hear the same hing happened to you.

    Last week I took my first positive pregnancy test since. My appointment is next week and I am convinced and terrified that the same thing is occurring. I'm holding out hope that it will be fine.

    When the time is right for you, you will be pregnant again and appreciate even more what is happening. I promise.
  • Bizliz35 said:
    Sorry to have to report. I have suffered a blighted ovum and am now waiting for a miscarriage.

    So sorry for your loss. :(

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  • So sorry for your loss :(

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  • I'm sorry. I had the same thing happen this year.
  • Thanks for your kind words. Can't even describe this pain! Waiting for the miscarriage is unreal. As horrible as it sounds, I just want it over and done with so I can get some closure. I don't want a dnc but I'm booked for a scan next Monday (for physiological reasons) and if nothing has happend by then. I'll ask for the tablet option. Against dnc x
  • I'm so sorry for your loss OP.


  • So sorry :(
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I had blighted ovum in January and it took until March to fully pass everything. I didn't want to have a DNC either. Your in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

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