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Monday GTKY - 9/28/15

Hi ladies! I haven't seen anything posted for the GTKY yet so here goes...

What do you miss most from your childhood? What do you miss least?

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Re: Monday GTKY - 9/28/15

  • I miss the thrill of staying outside until dark and catching lightening bugs in the summer. I was thinking about this the other night while sitting in front of our fire pit. It's funny how little things like that really stay with you. 

    I don't miss having to rely on someone else to do simple tasks, like going to the mall or to a store that's not within walking distance. If I want it, I'm going to get it. 
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    Me: 29
    DH: 32
    Married: June 2011
    DD #1: December 2013
    DD #2: EDD July 2016
  • I miss long Summer and Christmas breaks!  At my job we get about a week and a half off for Christmas which is nice.

    I don't miss living with my parents.  The house I have with my husband is kept fairly neat and clean and that was not how the house was growing up with my parents and little brother.  
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  • I also miss long summer vacations! My family would go to a lake house and the days just felt endless (in a good way), full of swimming and books. 
    I do not miss having to get up early for school and rush around in the morning because I had forgotten to pack my gym clothes or whatever that day.
  • Ahhh I miss catching fireflies too. We used to catch them in old, empty Folgers coffee jars, the glass ones. Ever since then, the smell of Folgers coffee grounds instantly takes me back to my childhood summers. 
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  • I miss being able to see my family whenever I felt like it. They only live a couple of hours away now, but it can still be challenging to see each other sometimes.

    I don't miss the last town we lived in! That place was awful.
  • Ohh I too definitely miss summer and Christmas break...those were the best!  I also miss my grandmother.  When I was little, my whole family would go to her house for the holidays and ALL the time in the summer to just hang out and spend time together.  Now that she's gone, it makes me miss that so much more....

    I do not miss getting up early for school, that was never fun! lol

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  • I miss the community I grew up in and laying under street lamps with my friends in the winter, starring at snow flakes as they drizzled down.

    I do not miss having to ride my bike everywhere. It got so old you guys. 12 miles every day in all and any weather to get to school. I don't think I've touched a bike since I moved to America.
  • I miss the Fall weather from my childhood. I grew up in the Midwest, and now in Texas I feel like we get cheated this time of year. No crisp Fall air for us this week.

    I do not miss being dependent and under adult control. All things considered, I prefer adulthood over childhood for sure.

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  • I miss not paying bills. At all. But if I'm being nostalgic, I miss seeing my friends and having sleep overs on the weekends. I see my friends a lot now but it was fun dressing up and makeovers and stuff.

    But, I don't miss living at home. I enjoy my independence. 
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  • MrsRo731 said:
    Hi ladies! I haven't seen anything posted for the GTKY yet so here goes...

    What do you miss most from your childhood? What do you miss least?

    I miss the wonder you found in everything. I know that sounds corny but I miss the excitement of the first day of school or in turn the last. The excitement when the weather changed and you could finally see the fall leaves. I don't know seemed like the little things seemed much bigger when you were a kid!

    I do not miss not being able to do what I want. I love my family to death, but I love living in my own house! Independence is such a good and uplifting thing!
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  • We had a family of 6 so I do miss all the noise that came with it. I don't like to come home in a quiet house (the cats made the house a bit more alive, but it isn't the same). I also miss visiting my grandparents almost every day. My mum was a SAHM and we went to my grandparents a lot. She made most of our clothes there with my grandmother or we where making pie or drawing with my grandmother. When I went to middle school I parked my bike at their house (they lived close to the train station) and when I got out of school I visited them before going home. My grandmother is died almost 10 years ago, but I also don't visit my grandfather that often either since I started working and living with my SO. It seems now that the days are a shorter now.

    We used to have a lot of animals at home. I loved the dogs and the cats, but I never liked the animals in cages (at most we had 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 hamsters (in two cages because they where killing each other), a bunny and a guinea pig and 3 goldfish). I don't miss cleaning all those cages/fish tank for animals I didn't care for that much (my sisters and brother wanted those and we all had to help cleaning).
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