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Video Baby Monitor recomendation

Hi All,

Please recomend good video monitors ...if something cane also hookup with the iphone as well for viewing that would be awesome.  Pros and cons please list also.  I have no idea where to start when looking for this item!


Re: Video Baby Monitor recomendation

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    I have a lorex from Amazon.

    I like the temperature setting.

    I dislike that at nap time even on the brightest setting I can't see baby well. I think it's camera placement though.
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    I bought the iBaby which easily connected to my iphone and network. We can speak through it to calm the baby, or play from a list of songs. here is a link 

    Pros - It set up easy, has great picture clarity even in the dark and the remote option are great.

    The cons would be it won't work well with an android phone. And it doesn't look down very well so you can't perch it very high above the crib requiring a sharp angle down.
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