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Low progesterone at 11 weeks- Doctor says it's not an issue

I'm 11 weeks with an IVF baby. I had progesterone supplementation from before the transfer and at 8 weeks my OB said it's OK to go off. I started spotting and then bleeding quite heavily at week 9. I forced the MD to test my progesterone and it was at a 9. From the research I've been doing, 9 is low at 9 weeks. I went back on my progesterone supplements and have had no cramping or bleeding.

At the MD at 11 weeks she says I can go off the supplements again. I really believe I suffer from low progesterone and that going back off the supplements will cause cramping and bleeding again. Doctor says they won't test my progesterone levels because if they are seeing a heartbeat my progesterone is fine. UGH. I want to trust the doctor but I just wish they would test my levels so I could feel better about going off the supplements. 

Had anyone suffered from low progesterone and been on supplements past 12 weeks? How did your doctor deal with the low levels, did they test you regularly? 

Re: Low progesterone at 11 weeks- Doctor says it's not an issue

  • Lurker here - but I believe most people stop Progesterone at 12weeks because the placenta takes over in producing it.  
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  • I'm 28 weeks and have been on progesterone since 8 weeks. I had my son at 34+2, so they're keeping a close eye. Do you go to a regular ob/gyn? If so, ask to be referred to a specialist, or if your insurance doesn't require a referral, find your own specialist. I was on the progesterone shots and became allergic. I stopped taking them and started oral progesterone. It wasn't enough. I spotted for almost a month. I was put on vaginal progesterone capsules. Sometimes the placenta does not take over and make enough.

    I took progesterone for the first 12 or 16 weeks with my son, and they stopped it and I ended up delivering early, too early.

    I will be on progesterone until at least 36 weeks and I have cervical length test every two weeks since week 20.

    Good luck and go with your gut!
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  • At 12 weeks the placenta should start to kick in. If I were you, then I'd stay on it at least another week. If you really don't trust your doctor, then please get a second opinion. Our babies are much more important than our doctor's egos and we are our babies best advocates right now!
  • Thank you so much for your response! I reduced my PIO injections and the spotting started up again so it's again making me think my body just isn't going to produce progesterone like it should. 

    How did your doctor figure out that low progesterone was your issue? was it because your first baby was early? My OB says that the only way they give progesterone throughout the pregnancy is if you have had a preterm baby previously but that seems really dumb to me. Why risk me having this baby preterm? Just test my damn progesterone! 

     I'll start looking for a specialist. Thanks again!
  • I had it at 11wks i was on a creme for it till 16wks. It was scary for me since i miscarried the first pregnancy prior due to the same issue and the doctor not paying close attention to it.
  • It shouldn't matter how many babies you've had (or in your case your first). If your progesterone is low, you need it to sustain the pregnancy. I would definitely seek out a specialist. The nicu is not a place you want to be, trust me. My son was only 6 weeks early, but it was still hard.

    In my opinion, I think low progesterone was the cause of my pre term labor because there were no other issues at all.

    Also, just because your placenta is supposed to start making progesterone, doesn't mean that it will.

    Prayers for you and baby!
  • Just an update if someone finds this thread while searching. 
    Week 12 I went off progesterone entirely and did not have additional spotting or bleeding. No issues with additional cramping either. I'll never know if earlier in the pregnancy I had issue with progesterone or my body just hated me ;) 

    At week 13 I got confirmation that baby is healthy and a GIRL. Looking forward to a healthy next 6 months. 

  • Congratulations!
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