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Sunday GTKY

What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

@HookEmNelson I hope it's OK if I start one today, didn't see any for the weekends just yet.

Re: Sunday GTKY

  • Mine are

    Teen Mom

    Celebrity Wife Swap

    Dating Naked

    I wish Hulu had an option to delete your viewing history lol, if we have company over and turn on the TV those are the shows it immediately suggests :\">
  • HulabaluHulabalu member
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    Say YES to the dress

     I got married in a 15 dollar dress at City Hall, and have never wanted a big wedding or a big white dress, but I'm still very fascinated by this... I'm claiming that it is funny/interesting from a social anthropological stand (I.e. You Americans are totally crazy when it comes to weddings and wedding dresses), but in reality I just like to look at all the beautiful and really horrendous dresses...
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  • PupatellaPupatella member
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    Catfish, Teen Mom 2, World's Wildest Police Videos, Survivor, and Mistresses. :) My FI will watch all of these shows with me and I love him for it!!

    I really hope Mistresses is renewed for a season 4!! I'm addicted to that show!

    @Hulabalu, that is awesome that you got married in a $15 dollar dress!! 

    ETA: I forgot to mention 90 Day Fiance. I am so excited that show is coming back for a season 3!! :)

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  • @Hulabalu when I was engaged I watched that show all the time! It's a feel good show :)
  • Bachelor/bachelorette. I feel like I'm setting women's rights back 30 years every time I watch...and yet...I continue.
  • Marriage Boot Camp (which I totally got DH hooked on!), Catfish, and Bridezillas

    @Shiva14, absolutely! I wish Netflix had an option to let you erase it from your viewing can be embarrassing, hahaha.
  • Definitely wedding shows! My husband thought I might stop watching them after our wedding was done with, but he was wrong :) 
  • It used to be Jersey Shore when it was on LOL... but I will watch any wedding show I see on tv, Catfish, Teen Mom...basically any MTV show lol

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  • Bachelor/bachelorette. I feel like I'm setting women's rights back 30 years every time I watch...and yet...I continue.
    Me too! I always say I won't watch the next season…but then you're already invested in the next bachelor/bachelorette from their role in the previous season…impossible to break the cycle.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, my other guilty pleasure was 19 Kids and Counting but we all know what happened there…. /:
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  • Another Bachelor/Bachelorette fan here. Oh yeah - and Bachelor in Paradise. Safe to say I'm a member of Bachelor Nation. It's so bad that it's so, so good. :D

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  • Grays Autonomy and Revenge and teen mom.
  • Hmmmm Marriage boot camp and I didn't know I was pregnant. It's hard to find any full episodes of the second one though!
  • Little late to this since I'm a weekday bumper 

    My guilty pleasure is 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' 
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  • I used to watch Teen Mom while I was in college when the (boyfriend at the time, now husband) was in class.  There was NO way I was going to get him to watch it with me.
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  • Real Housewives in general, but Real Housewives of NY is my favorite because I love Bethenny Frankel!
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