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Ok ladies, Ive been worring lately! I had the blood test done, and according to it, Im having a girl. But theres been a couple of ladies at work that told me Im having a boy because my stomach looks like a boy:/ This has me worried, why? Well because me and my husband feel so excited about our "baby girl" and I dont want to feel disappointed if its actually a boy:( Do you guys believe in those tales, that if you're carring low its a boy? And high its a girl? Because Im actually carrying low:/ IDK!


  • Yeah, they told me it was a girl, Im just scared idk It stressed me out because we already have a bunch of little clothes and shoes:/
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  • If you had a blood test and a scan that confirmed girl then your having a girl. There is no set way to carry just because you are having a girl. Depends on your body type and how your body grows with pregnancy. Don't stress it's a girl!
  • If it makes you feel better I am also carrying super low and having a girl, blood test and AS confirmed
  • Yup, SCIENCE lol. No fighting that ;-)
  • My mom carried like it was a boy with 2 of her 3 girls. It means nothing. Assuming you had a reputable test done, I would feel confident trusting that.
  • Those ladies are dumb. Old wive's tales vs blood tests (aka SCIENCE)? Blood tests win every time.

    Haha I've honestly been having the same thing though. I'm having two girls and I sometimes get the ol' "well sometimes the ultrasound is wrong!" No. I had an amnio. Chromosomes don't lie.

    Congrats on your GIRL!
  • I don't know why you would question it lol. I got told by blood test and scan its a boy if someone told me I was having a girl I would tell them straight up they are wrong. Old wives tales are not a science.
  • People asked me "what if the test is wrong and you are having a girl " after our blood test came back stating it was a boy. They heard sometimes people are told one gender but at the time of delivery it ends up being another gender.

    If you had blood work done... I'm pretty sure you're having a girl. I told them... "The paperwork states 'presence of chromosome Y: 99.9%'. The Y is not coming from me or else I'd be a boy!"

    Same with you. It should have said 0% of chromosome Y presence. Blood tests are more accurate. Don't listen to them.
  • I carry my babies really low. People told me I was having a boy while carrying DD. But it was confirmed in the scan that it was a girl, and by her being born a girl and all.
    They stopped being idiots once she was born.
    Congrats on your baby girl!
  • Congrats on a girl! I carried my daughter pretty low and all out front, and now I am carrying my son high and more spread out. Science trumps old wives!
  • When I was pregnant with my son we were team green but my Grandmother insisted that I was having a girl because I was "carrying all around" as she gestured from her belly around to the back of her hips! Thanks Grandma, way to make me feel fat! I'm carrying the same way this time, it's just how I carry a pregnancy. Every body responds differently to weight gain.

    Congrats on your little girl!
  • I carried my daughter really low and I was much wider than I am with this one, a boy. Do not believe those old wives tales. I've had the opposite symptoms they say you have with the old wives tales with both pregnancies, and I've carried differently. It's all a crock. Believe the doctor.
  • The "old wives tales" are based on observations throughout history. The idea of where you carry comes from where the egg was fertulized after it was released from the ovary. "Boy" sperm tends to be faster but dies quicker while "girl" sperm is slower but lasts longer. So, a boy would be conceived higher therefore carry higher.
    Definitely trust the blood test for the sex of your baby though.
  • I have a high bump but baby kicks lower. So does that mean baby is high or low?
  • These are probably the same ladies who tell you not to raise your arms above your head or the cord will wrap around the baby's neck.

    Don't let them bring you down. If it's genetic testing, it's 97-99% accurate. 
    We found out gender at 16 weeks, but I didn't fully believe we were having a girl until we saw those "three little lines" on the ultrasound. (So disbelieving that I called the nurse back the day we got the testing result to make sure I hadn't willed myself into hearing girl.)
  • That's funny, I had always heard the old wives tale was if you Cary high it's a boy and low for a girl? Anyway, I would also consider things like your body shape, your height and even how strong your abs are when you talk about how you are carrying. All these things have nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the shape of your bump.
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