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Buick Encore - need advice

Hubby and I may be going car shopping today. I drive a Chevy Cobalt. The trunk opening is super small, but we found a stroller that will fit. There's a good deal of room in the trunk, the opening is just small. The issue is when I drive the car seat is up against my seat...and I'm 5'0"...and my husband is 6'0". So yes I am aware I could put the baby behind the passenger seat, but then I could never drive my husband or any other passenger for that matter. We like the Buick Encore, but then we found out it's a full foot shorter than my Cobalt. I am wondering if we would have the same issue. Anyone own this vehicle? How is the trunk space? Looks small, but not terrible. How is it with a car seat? TIA!
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Re: Buick Encore - need advice

  • https://www.cars.com/articles/2014/04/2014-buick-encore-car-seat-check/

    Cars.com does car seat checks on most new cars, so you can see what people are saying about whichever vehicle you are looking at. I just googled Buick Encore Car Seat Check and the link came up.

    I own a large vehicle, a Ford Flex, and I still have issues with the car seats rear-facing, and deciding who's going to be a bit squished, the driver or passenger. You can purchase shorter car seats, etc.

    Also, the length of the vehicle won't determine the dimensions of the back seat. The dimensions of the back seats will be listed in the vehicle descriptions on the factory website however.

    Do you guys have a second larger vehicle that you can all share when you go somewhere together? I ask because most of the time its just me and the kids, we could drive a larger secondary vehicle when its all 4 of us, without having to buy me a new car (if mine was small). We're a one car family, so we picked the Flex because of the room and the third row seat without the minivan look.
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  • Thank you @JaqiDec04 ! We do also have a Chevy Avalanche with a very roomy backseat.
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  • Don't have an encore but we have a Buick Enclave & love it! Has 3rd row of seats if needed or extra storage space. I have a 2yr old in a convertible seat, fits great rear & forward facing. And now an infant seat installed waiting for the little one to arrive
  • My folks and I just road tripped to see family in a encore and hated it! There was no room for anything. Check out a Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4. They have much more room.
  • We ended up with a Chevy Equinox!  Thanks again to everyone for your advice  :)
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