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New and High Risk

Good evening!!

I'm new to the boards, and over my "wait period" have been exploring the boards! I suppose this is where I should be posting as I am considered high risk for a few reasons. I have high anxiety, which leads to anxiety induced seizures, a few heart issues with my blood pressure and heart rate, as well as a history of miscarriage. I miscarried back in June of 2008, had a live birth in 2009 with my daughter but lost her twin around month 4, and miscarried last year in May. I am also Rh sensitive, which I still don't quite understand, but according to my doctor that puts me high risk as well (if anyone could explain, that would be awesome)

I've always had a keene sense of knowing I was pregnant, last year found out when I was 5 weeks, and with this one I'm dating about 4w 4d. I went in Thursday for my initial visit, and we saw nothing on the sono (expected). Had my blood drawn and going back in on Monday for another round to compare. I'm following up Thursday for a visit and more blood work to track my numbers. 

I'm extremely nervous about the viability of this pregnancy and am trying so hard to not get excited about anything yet. It's a constant worry every time I feel a tummy cramp or hunger pain or just going to the bathroom. I'm not sure how to work or flow on these boards, but any helpful advice is always welcome! 


Re: New and High Risk

  • Those first weeks are so stressful! Hang in there. I'm high risk for a history of miscarriages, gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes. Also, for an unknown reason my baby's growth has slowed down dramatically in the past 4 weeks. I'm scheduled to be induced in 9 days. I don't post or comment often but I've found these boards to be very helpful. It's nice to just scroll through and know that so many other women are experiencing the same things and you're not just crazy
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  • Thank you!! I hope all is well with you and hopes for a safe delivery!!

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