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Harmony test

Hello- did anyone have the harmony blood test? I just did mine today and of course, nervous. How long does it take for results? Do reaults go right to your ob?

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  • I had progenity which is similar (another brand of cell free DNA test) and got my results in about 5 business days. They say to expect up to two weeks, though, so hang in there! My results went to my MFMs office because they were the ones who ordered the test after my first trimester screening came back abnormal. If your OB ordered the test, it should go straight to them! Good luck I hope everything comes out as you are hoping!
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  • Thank you so much for your help. How did yours end up going
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  • @tcarp0625 everything turned out normal, and I am so thankful! Now I am going on 23 weeks and have a short cervix to worry about, but a healthy baby!
  • Hang in there! I'll be sending my positive energy your way
  • Mine took 10 days and was sent to my ob's office. Everything turned out to be fine after the screening gave us the terrible possibility of 1:16 for T18. Hang in there!
  • I am so scared to get the results. I'm 39. 9w4d this is my second. I'm just Sooo nervous
  • Our results went to our doctor and they didn't call us, just gave us results at our next appointment.
  • Mine came quick - about 5 business days. The genetic counselor called me directly with the results. Good luck.
  • Hi, I had mine done on Sep 21st and got the result back on the 25th! Before it took up to 2 weeks they said but Harmony takes about 5 days. Everything was normal...and it's another girl!;-)
  • I had the progenity one done and got my results in about 7 business days. My perineonatal dr called me as soon as the results were in. My first regular screen at 14 weeks was normal, but at about 24 or 25 weeks my baby had fluid in her stomach. All results came back good.

    Prayers for good results!
  • During my 18th week my Dr's office called expressing an extreme urgency to come in and see the dr... they had received my IPV results and needed to see me ASAP. I was attending a training session in which I was calling the dr office on my break. The secretary at the clinic terrified me so much regarding these results that I jumped in a cab and headed straight there. They ushered me into a room immediately and the dr came in minutes later to tell me I had tested positive for down syndrome. Of course I burst into tears, this is my first pregnancy and I was scared to begin with, so this news completely devastated me. After I was able to collect myself the Dr. told me that they would refer me to a genetic clinic and call me with an appointment. Luckily I had the sense at the time to ask for a copy of my results. I went home and broke down again to my husband while passing him the results. Luckily he researches everything on the Internet because he ended up finding a bunch of forums with women receiving false positives on these tests. Many of the women stating that they wish they never had the IPV test in the first place due to the unnecessary stress it caused. Some of these women ended up having perfectly healthy babies when they received a 1 in 8 chance of down syndrome. This of course made me feel better because I received a 1 in 80 result. Regardless, we were still terrified. We researched the harmony test (panorama) and printed out the form for the blood work... took it back to my Dr. who had never seen the form before and made her sign it. I had the test done the next morning which was a almost 2 weeks ago and still haven't received the results. Luckily we were able to see a genetic councilor the next day and arranged for an amnio to be done (it's the only 100% accurate test you can get). Last Tues. I went in for the procedure which went smoothly. The needle was not painful just uncomfortable, like a blood test. My husband watched the entire thing making sure the baby was not in harms way. Last Thurs., 2 days after the amnio I received the good news that everything is normal and the baby is a boy! Needless to say we are beyond relieved and incredibly thankful for this blessing. I've read that the panorama test can provide false results as well, will be interesting to see what it states when I finally get my results back. If you are really worried and don't want to take any chances with receiving false results, I recommend the amnio... we can now sleep at night knowing our baby is OK. I wish you all the best!
  • Sorry, I meant IPS test not IPV!
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