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My 3 mo doesn't sleep all night!!

He was sleeping through the night, only 15 minutes to feed and rocking. Recently he's up 3 - 6 times at night. What can i do?? Yes I have a routine
Is because im breastfeeding??

Re: My 3 mo doesn't sleep all night!!

  • It may be a growth spurt. Don't worry it should pass, but my lo took about a week to go back to some what normal.
  • My 4 month old still wakes up 3 times a night. Since your little guy used to sleep longer stretches I agree that it's prob a growth spurt or maybe early 4 month sleep regression?
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  • Does he sleep in with you or in another room? My little one was sleeping in a pack and play in our room since a month old and had gotten to 8 hours straight of sleeping and then randomly started MAYBE getting 4 hour stretches. Nothing I did had changed so I was wondering what the heck was up too. I started putting her in her crib in another room and she sleeps (usually) from about 730 pm to 7am now.
    I too am breastfeeding and I read that babies can smell you (aka midnight snack) so moving them can sometimes help!
  • It's because you have a baby. Sleep doesn't stay the same forever. There are growth spurts, regressions, illness, etc and all mess up sleep. Stay consistent and hope it passes quickly.
  • Give your child babies magic tea. It'll soothe your baby and he'll sleep through the night.......

    Ok this is the third time I've seen thus suggested without any other input...I'm going to assume this is an advertisement and report you now.
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