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GTKY Thursday

What was your first toy (as far as you remember)? Do you still have it? Do you (or did) intend to give it to your future baby?

Mine was a pink cuddle toy with knots. It looks like in the picture. It was my first toy and used to sleep with it every day. My youngest sister (3 years younger than me) was allowed to sleep with it when she was a baby and I also let my little brother (8 years younger) sleep with it when he was born. But after a few years I took it back. I still have it and planning on giving it to my firstborn, don't care if it's gonna be a boy or a girl.
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Re: GTKY Thursday

  • I don't remember my first toy, but I do have a few dolls that I saved from when I was little. If I have a little girl in the future, I'll definitely give them to her.
  • My mom bought me a stuffed giraffe.  I am pretty sure she still has it in a box at her house.  She plans to get a new one for each grandchild.  She is obsessed with giraffes. 
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  • I had a Winnie-the-pooh bear I absolutely loved. I used to sleep with it, and suck on its nose... Still have it, but I won't be giving it to any future kids bc it's too frail after all my use and abuse.
  • I was just thinking about my blanket from when I was a kid and I don't know if my parents still have it or not. I have always had special blankets and even have one now my best friend gave me as a wedding gift. If my parents still have my old blanket, I'd love to share that with my baby but if not new special blankets are always nice too:) .
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