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Time of day for a baby shower?

What time of the day is good to start a baby shower? We are planning a casual shower at home on a Saturday. I was thinking to have it at 3-4pm. Is that too late in the afternoon for a baby shower?

Re: Time of day for a baby shower?

  • Sounds good to me.
  • When you say "we are planning a casual shower at home on a Saturday," it sounds as if you and the father are planning your own shower.  If this is the case, before you send out the invites, you should know that it is considered incredibly rude to host your own shower.  Basically, you're inviting people to come "shower" you with gifts that welcome you to motherhood.  For this reason, showers are generally hosted by someone other than the mother to be, like a friend, a relative, or even the grandmother to be.

    If you already knew that, and you are writing this because you are hosting a shower for someone else at your own home, bravo.  I think a 3pm start is fine.  Any later than that, and the shower is ending as guests will be leaving to eat dinner, which seems a little awkward.
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  • I think 1pm is perfect - assume they last 3-4 hours, it gives people plenty of time to be in home for dinner.

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  • Personally I would like a shower that is late enough to sleep in but ends early enough to still go do something with my weekend evening. 1-2 ish I guess.
  • Mine will be at 12:30pm so that way most people are gone by 4pm and I still have the day. 
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  • Mine is going to be a brunch, from 11-2 on a Sunday. My mom and those who were hosting asked if I was okay with the time frame and I thought it was perfect. 3 hours long and done early enough for people to have most of their day to still do things. I recently went to a 2 year old birthday party for my cousins daughter that was only scheduled on the invitation to go from 1-3.  I thought to myself, "A 2 hour party? Are they going to get everything done in time?" It actually worked out great. We all had time to talk/mingle and things moved along at a good pace.
  • Mine is set for 1pm with an open ending time, whenever it's over, it's over!
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