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Help! Awkward condo bedroom layout - where should my toddler sleep?!

Here's our situation:

We live in a 2nd floor, 2 story townhouse within a gated condo association. Meaning, our 1st floor is actually 2 lofted flights off the ground, and our 2nd floor is three flights up (there is one two-story townhouse below us), in a big city on a relatively busy street.

 There is 1 very large, enclosed carpeted bedroom on the 1st floor, right when you walk into the front door off of the hallway. One wall of this bedroom is basically a large window looking down to a courtyard area below. Also on the first floor is a full bath, kitchen, and living room. When you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, to the L is a master bedroom with 2 walk in closets and a full bath, carpeted, enclosed w a door. This bedroom has a door leading out to a shared/public balcony that runs alongside it.

Also upstairs is a lofted bedroom/office area, with no door and a half wall overlooking the staircase. It also has sliding glass doors to a deck which is private and at least 4 stories off the ground.


Re: Help! Awkward condo bedroom layout - where should my toddler sleep?!

  • Is the master bedroom big enough?

    Or can you put him in there with your stuff and you sleep on 1st floor? Each night take your things to the first floor bedroom.

    It sounds like such a nice house. Just not great layout for toddlers!

    I'd say no to downstairs because we make too much noise in kitchen early & baby wakes too soon.

    Will the lofted area be too loud for tot?

    Are you thinking of moving? Are you having more kids?
  • I would do the crib in the first floor room, get some blackout curtains, sound machine and some nice shelving for toys. Maybe you can keep most of the toys out of the living room :).
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  • Our son's room is on the first floor with the kitchen, living room, etc. while our bedroom is upstairs. It's not ideal, but it works. We did take turns sleeping on the couch in the early months, though, just because it was too much to keep going up and down the steps in the middle of the night and it just felt too far away for comfort. I think it's do-able.
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