Thrombocytopenia — The Bump
High-Risk Pregnancy


Anyone had this with multiple pregnancies? I had to have my first daughter (at full term) due to low platelets via emergency c-section under anesthesia. With my second daughter, MD ordered blood work at 35 weeks with the intention of monitoring my platelets since everything turn bad at the end of my first pregnancy. That resulted in delivery at 35.5 weeks, again emergency c-section under anesthesia. I just recently had a miscarriage (unexpected pregnancy while on birth control). I thought we were finished but now I am not so sure. MD wants me to consult with a hematologist to determine if this is gestational or if I have some underlying issue exacerbated by pregnancy. I guess my question is (sorry for the rambling) has anyone had gone through pregnancy with this diagnosis and been able to deliver close to full term without complications? 
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