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DS won't take bottle at daycare...

hi guys I really haven't posted much at all but I do reference a lot of what has been posted!! With that said my husband and I have been fortunate to have kept our son at home( I was off for 3 1/2 months maternity leave and my husband was transitioning ;) the other 3 months)
Anyways my son just started daycare yesterday for the first time.. He will be 7 months on the 24th and took the bottle great with his dad.. I'm still BF.. But since starting daycare he slept 1 hour yesterday and drank nothing from the bottle and a some food... Today he slept a little better, ate some food but still will not drink a bottle for them! It's the same bottle type we used since the beginning but now it's like as soon as I pick him up he is nursing and sleeping for two hours straight... I don't want to be that mom that freaks out.. But has any of you had this issue?

Re: DS won't take bottle at daycare...

  • Look up reverse cycling. It's fairly common, but I'm sure Kellymom or other BFing sights might have better info for you.
  • Thank you ladies.. But his daycare had extra bottles and switched his normal bottle since he was a month old to like a cheap parents choice bottle and drank 5 oz at one setting for them and continued to drink from that bottle at different meal times.. Idk?? My friend seems to think maybe he correlated his usual bottle to home and mommy and daddy? Bc he just would not let them feed him with our bottle! But as soon as they introduced a different bottle he let them feed him!! I told them as long as he is eating and happy, I'm happy!! Again thank you for your replies!! :)
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