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Help with breast feeding! - Went to bottle, now doesn't want the breast. Anyone else?

Any tips for re- introducing the breast? We went to bottle feeding because LO was not eating enough off of the breast to get both fore and hind milk and this was creating a lot of tummy problems. We went to pumping/ bottle feeding and no more tummy issues and she was just nursing at the night time feedings. However, two weeks ago she went through a low in her eating and cut out the night time feeding (great for us right? We got to finally sleep through the night!) But now that she hasn't had the night time breastfeeding she wants nothing to do with the boob, to the point if I get it in her mouth she starts screaming :( . Anyone else have this issue, of trying to re-introduce breast feeding? I have read that skin to skin helps and we have been doing that every night for the last week any other suggestions from people that have gone through this would be much appreciated Thanks!

Re: Help with breast feeding! - Went to bottle, now doesn't want the breast. Anyone else?

  • This happened to me a month and a half ago. I tried to get her back to breast but she wants nothing to do with it. It upsets me, but I've learned I have no control of how she eats. If she wants a bottle, I'll give it to her and exclusively pump in order to do so.

    There is a Facebook group called Back to Breast that will help support you and offer other suggestions. Please keep in mind that there are some people that will tell you to stop giving the bottle and only offer the breast. These people believe after a few missed feedings baby will go back to breast. I have not seen this recommended in the Facebook group, but have seen it a lot by LLL advocates. I completely disagree with starving a baby in any circumstance, but especially in order to get him/her back to breast.
  • Thank you, I agree, I'm not going to go w/o feeding her. And I am trying not to stress out about it, I'm glad she is bottle feeding. I would just like to be able to have breast milk for her for the first year but my supply has gone down so much since she stop nursing. I will check out that FB group. Thanks!!
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  • Can you try having her in bed with you, even for her naps in the day?  Then when she's drowsy, or dozing off she may nurse to sleep and perhaps get back in the habit.  My LO won't nurse from one side from me anymore, as it's tougher for her to latch, so I just pump that side to add to bottles, and if she's needing to comfort nurse when she's in bed, I just pop in the nipple from that side, and she'll munch away, none the wiser.  Maybe with some 'stealth nursing' she'll come back over to the breast?
  • Mine is doing this but she will do it sometimes. I worry because sometimes she even goes past 3 hours and still refuses my breast but when a bottle is given to her she devours it
  • Not sure of the nipple flow you have on the bottle but I didn't notice I was giving DS a medium flow instead of a slow flow. Now that I only give him a slow flow he's great going back and forth.
  • Thanks ladies! I have tried giving it to her when she is kind of sleep and she just plays with the nipple (not really latching or sucking). She has always had such a strong suck so I know when she is actually ready to eat. I will try the slow flow nipple, that's a good idea. We moved up to a #2 at 2 mo. because she was getting so gassy, I thought it might be because of the nipple. But you're right, maybe if she has to work for the bottle she might take the breast. Thanks
  • I had the same thing happen it was upsetting that she didn't want my breast anymore.. I could not stand her crying her eyes out ect. So now I exclusively pump and feed her a bottle.. She is so much happier and I'm happier.. I have managed to pump and store more food for her this way and my doctor said not to stress about it and just keep doing what I'm doing..

    In the long run I had to tell my self it doesn't matter how she gets my breastmilk
  • I had to have my gallbader removed and when I had the okay from my doctors to breastfeed again my lo was too use to the bottle. I was recommended to do a nurse vacation. All day we just laid in bed skin to skin and slept and eat. Sometimes it took awhile but we went at her pace. And I just napped and watches Netflixs. Of course I got up to eat and get water. But we did that for two or three days and she was nursing again.
  • Also make sure you and am your caregivers are doing paced bottle feeding. This is make baby work harder to eat from a bottle and therefore won't gulp it down. This has really helped us!
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