Moms of older preemies- gestational age vs adjusted age development

My boys are 9wks old but were born at 35+1 which I know 'technically' makes them only 4 wks adjusted age. I really feel like they are hitting some milestones at the 'regular' pace. (They were 4.5 lbs each at birth but are both over 11 lbs at this point) So my question is those who had late term preemies did you notice a big difference in adjusted age milestones? It's so frustrating because I don't know what realistic timeline to expect (and I know, I know, every baby is different... Just looking for others experiences here)

Re: Moms of older preemies- gestational age vs adjusted age development

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    My baby was born at 34+4. He's 9 weeks actual now and 3 weeks adjusted. At his 2 month check up, the pediatrician said he was developmentally 4-6 weeks. He coos all the time and just recently started socially smiling.
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    The wonder weeks book really helped me with our preemie & knowing what milestones to look for.
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    I would go by their corrected age (by the due date) and if they develop by their actual age then that's even better. But don't put too much pressure on yourself or them to act their actual age. My baby was 3 months early. She's 10 months now so developmentally 7 months (and maybe a little behind.) and she still wears 3mo clothes. But everyone evens out by 2 yrs they say so in a little while it won't even matter. My friends baby started walking at 7 months, mine just learned to roll over at 6 months (corrected) and at 7 is not quite sitting yet. But I'm not worried. We'll get there. Everyone goes at their own pace.

    DH has issues with the whole corrected age thing saying "oh she doesn't do this or that. She's gonna struggle her whole life. I'm like you're so stupid what if (hypothetically and I know impossible) she came out when I was 8 weeks pregnant? Youd judge this little fetus with flipper hands compared to full term babies? Then he wants to change her birthday so he's not confused. I'm like is it really THAT confusing?! Smdh
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    I know this is really late to the party, but I thought I'd add my experience. My first son was born at 33+6 and had a few small medical issues, but outgrew them around 12-18 months thankfully.
    He was about a month behind developmentally for the first 8 months, but then didn't keep up and seemed to stall in his development progress when he was 8 months actual age. By the time he was 18 months he was testing at a 12 month level. We couldn't afford the therapies so I googled occupational and speech therapy and worked with him myself.
    Long story short, he turned 3 in October and he's now testing advanced :) I was so worried about his speech, but I guess his brain just needed a bit more time to work everything out. Doctors and literature say that preemies should be caught up to full term kids by the time they're 2 years old actual age, but I think it's silly to put a 24 month time limit on it. Some kids born at 30 weeks are caught up, other kids born at 35 weeks are still a bit behind. My son was about 2.5 when he was fully caught up developmentally.
    So don't lose hope, even when you experience set backs! Push for assessments when you're concerned and explore different services you can afford or qualify for.
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    Usually there re early intervention programs available for free that provide therapy. Ot/pt/etc
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    Hi. My son who is now 6 years old was born at 34 weeks ans 4.5lbs and we are truly lucky that he has had no cognitive or physical delays at all. He his all of his milestones on time for his birthdate and ahead for his due date. The only issue we have come across is because he was born before the school cut off he went into kindergarten early and he is a little bit behind in maturity. If he would have been born on time he would have went into kindergarten the following year. But he is a trooper and is keeping up with the work. 
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