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Underwear after C/S

I am booked in to have a C/S and wanted some opinions on what type of underwear is more comfortable and wont irritate the scar? any other tips in what to get to make my my easier is also welcome :)

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  • My personal advice is to buy depends or ask for a bunch of the underwear they give you at the hospital at first. You will be bleeding quite a bit for a while & it's the easiest frankly.
    After that any high-waisted underwear was fine for me bc I was cut suuuuper low.
    My advice would also be to take it slow- laundry, dishes, cleaning can all wait. Spend at least 2 weeks just resting & relaxing. Taking care of a new baby is enough. Have groceries delivered & make meals ahead if you can.
    Congrats & good luck!!
  • I had some high waisted control top panties given to me and they were a life saver for about 4 days after I got home from the hospital. After that I was back in my regular underwear. I never bled really heavy and by day 5 I was wearing a light days pad.

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  • I tried Depends first.. They were super comfy, but I can't stand pads anyways, so I was changing them every time I went to the bathroom( expensive, and hard to maneuver a sore body around like that every couple of hours- for me at least)

    I switched to a high waist cotton underwear and just used thin pads without wings.

    As far as the rest.. Be glad it's planned!! Mine was emergency so I wasn't prepared for the recovery.

    I recommend a heating pad( my back somehow was incredibly sore!)
  • With my first I was not prepared at all so I had no idea what to expect, But The hospital panties were great! Although I did not ask for extra. I wish I did. The panties I had were irritating but I do remember placing a pad on the area so they wouldn't roll down. Now! with my second one on the way I did some research lol. I've seen somthing called "C-panty" on Amazon. It is 40$ so I'm sure there are other cheaper ways. But my only thought is to buy sizes bigger and high waisted.
    Not much info but I hope this helps a bit.
  • I know what u mean, I absolutely loved the hospital panties. Luckily for me, we had available at our drug stores and sent hubby to buy me a few when I was released from hospital. To my surprise they were washable. But disposed of them after the first wash because it used to roll up before use. Still worked great though.
  • I had a few pairs of the mesh panties from the hospital - some friends have actually washed them and re-worn but I also bought high waisted full coverage cotton underwear from walmart (granny panties :) )

    And I wear that pulled up high over the mesh with a pad. It's made me feel secure and it doesn't bother my incision AT ALL.
  • I might try the c panty this time. You can buy the hospital panties on Amazon, I found high waisted normal underwear better for me with a pad over the incision.

  • Melcain45 said:
    I also bought high waisted full coverage cotton underwear from walmart (granny panties :)
    I also used the granny panties from Walmart.  They worked great.  

    I only had heavy discharge for about five days, then it was on to a light pantliner ... for nine weeks!  I bought Always overnight long pads with wings, but never went through the whole package.  I guess everyone is different.

    Good luck!  You'll be fine. :)
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