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"First" OB appointment questions...

Tuesday I go for my "first" OB appointment (I've had two u/s). This is the hour long meeting where they ask you a hundred questions....
First let me preface by saying I am so very thankful to be pregnant but.. I hate this appointment. I just did this back in April and I hate that I have to do it again... Because this time I have to say two previous pregnancies and one healthy baby. Not to mention all the horrible details regarding my 2nd trimester Miscarriage. It's a new set of doctors so I get it but I hate having to explain and relive everything.

Re: "First" OB appointment questions...

  • I'm sorry, I hate that, too. Is your husband going with you? I switched doctors this time, too and I doubt I was able to hold my tears in on my first visit. I think it's O.K. to cry, though, at least it lets them know how much everything's affected you, etc. If your husband is able to make it, then he can always try to handle the tougher questions for you, too. Thinking of you and wishing you luck on Tuesday.
  • Thank you! Yes, luckily he is going with. He is very supportive, so he should be able to help out with the hard ones.
    Did you change Drs because of what happened? I felt like I needed a fresh start and also I was kind of upset how they handled the whole situation. Just curious... My sister had a mc and she switched too.
    Congrats again on your healthy baby!! How are you feeling and doing? Is this your first?
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  • Thinking about you today. Just try and remember to breathe through the questions.
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