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Best way to get rid of the Pacifier?

I heard 18 months is the "magic" age to get rid of the pacifier. Any tips or tricks to help this transition go more smoothly? Right now she only gets one for nap and bed time-- we started that at 9 months... but she needs it for sleep.
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Re: Best way to get rid of the Pacifier?

  • My DD unfortunately just had oral thrush. It was so bad she stopped taking a pacifier. Now that it's over, I feel like she wants it back. She ends up crying anytime she wakes up for the day or from a nap. I almost want to cave in and give it back. I heard cold turkey is the best. A rough week or so, but the easiest way to do it. Good luck!
  • My son kind of weaned himself off of it awhile ago but he kinda went from a pacifier to a lovie/blankie. Have you tried that? Now he just has the lovie for comfort instead. Good luck!
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  • She has a crochet blanket she sleeps with... but it doesn't seem to give her the same satisfaction as the paci. Even this morning we had trouble getting the paci back from her. She screamed when I took it out.... dreading this transition!!! haha
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