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Contractions every 15-20 mins for 10 hours then stopped?

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My due date is tomorrow and I woke up this morning with contractions that were about 30-40 mins apart for about two hours.  Then they became 15-20 mins apart for pretty much the whole day.  Then DH and I went on a long walk to try to see if things would speed up and they seemed to, but then we got back and they just stopped!  Cervix and uterus still feel crampy but definitely not feeling the same type of contractions.  Is this a sign of pre-labor or early labor?  I know with labor they aren't supposed to stop, they just get stronger, but I can't help but feel that it was the real thing.  My doctor told me "when they're real, you'll know" and the ones I was having earlier felt like "whoa! this is what he meant!"

Am I going crazy?  Anyone have something similar to this when the contractions started again?

Re: Contractions every 15-20 mins for 10 hours then stopped?

  • Yes I had prodromal labor for weeks before my last 3 and my first. It stinks. Hang in there. Have sex if you haven't.
  • @momofsweetps Thanks, mama!  I appreciate hearing your experience!
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  • I had the same situation all night fri then nothing sat/sun. Frustrating!

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  • I have had the same on and off since last Monday. It's incredibly frustrating and so tiring as it happens mostly at night. Had a bloody show earlier though so I'm hoping I'll go into active labour soon (I'm 40+4 weeks now!).
  • I've been dealing with prodromal labor for 3 weeks now. I've had contractions as close as 4 minutes apart for a full hour that come to a complete stop. This is my third baby (due 9/23) and the first time experiencing this. It is very frustrating to deal with.
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  • I've had it going on 4 weeks now. I had an hour or so that they were every 2 mins apart. By the time we got to the hospital they stopped. Due date is Wednesday and still no baby. This is my 2nd and first time experiencing this. Highly frustrating that's for sure.
  • I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one. I've been having contractions since fri so irregular. It's really getting annoying. I wish it turn into something or just stop. Lol. I was induced with my first so this is all new to me and I'm freaking out like I won't know and not make it to the hospital in time lol.
  • Same here.  Yesterday, had contractions all afternoon/evening.  Went for a walk, drank, ate, took a shower, laid down...still contracting strongly.  Today...nada.  I just feel like if I could encourage her to drop I would be all set.  
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  • Good to know I am not alone but sorry for everyone for the frustrating experience!  Apparently my mom had this as well and went into labor the next day so I am crossing my fingers.  A friend said she had it for three days before she had her baby.  I am hoping I follow this pattern and go soon now that it is officially my due date.  I just want this little girl to come out to meet us!  Good luck to everyone and hope it starts for real very very soon!!!
  • So good to know I am not the only one. Been experiencing contractions every evening (and once an entire day) for the past 5 days but then they go away. I seriously thought "this is it!" on Friday because they were getting more intense but then nada, they just subsided. Now I feel like I'm just carrying a huge watermelon around, like my V is going to drop out or explode and this acid reflux is making any sleep impossible. Here's to hoping this turns into the real deal for all of us real soon.

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  • And they're back today every 10 mins...they feel like Braxton Hicks though...tightening and squeezing in my abdomen.
  • I finally read this thread, thank you... My nights have been really sucking for the past 3 days - on and off cramping pain, contractions, hip pain, lower back pain... it all goes away during the day! But Im stuck sitting on an exercise ball at 5 in the morning for relief :/
    40w2d... sigh.
  • This is my life. 2 edds one was the 17th and one is tomorrow. I can't handle it. It's really quiet depressing because I get my hopes up to have them shattered.
  • Yep, still here at 40+1.  Going to the doc today and hoping that at least I'm somewhat dilated and not as high.  I am going to be SO annoyed if I'm still closed and high!
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