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Hi there! I've been lurking around this board for a while now, and thought that it's time to jump in! DH and I are both 30, married 2 years and will start TTC at the end of the year. DH is applying for a new position that could require an out of state move next spring, so i'm a little stressed by the timing, but also we don't want to wait :-) In the meantime, I'm reading up on TTC, trying to get fit and do anything I can to be ready. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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  • Welcome and good luck with your TTC journey!

    Most bumpies will recommend Taking Control of Your Fertility as a great reading resource (it's next on my list.) I've just finished reading What To Expect, and while I know it's not as popular here, I was so unfamiliar with the stages of pregnancy that I found it extremely interesting. 

    Look forward to getting to know you more on the board:) .

  • Welcome and good luck. Don't worry to much about the timing, there is never a good time if you really think about it. 
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  • Welcome! Even if your get pregnant immediately when you TTC, moving pregnant as opposed to with a newborn/toddler is much preferable (plus it's a great excuse to not lift anything heavy ;) ). As PP said, you can't really time it anyway so try not to stress yourself out about it. Happy to have you on the board!!!
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