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Whats ur little ones heart rate at 15-16weeks

Just curious.... Do they check heart rate and do an US and give a print each scan... I feel my medical center is duping me...
No checking hrt rate... No print of US...

Re: Whats ur little ones heart rate at 15-16weeks

  • Yes! We have been five or six times already and they listen and check heart rate every time. We also have like five US prints since 5 weeks when we found out. Talk with them, make sure you're getting yours.
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  • Last week I checked at the hospital I work at 160 bpm.
  • Every doctors office is different but I believe they should at least be checking the heartbeat (via Doppler usually).
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  • My doctor checks the heartbeat each visit, I will have an anatomy scan at 20 weeks but probably nothing else unless there are complications. I did get an us at 7.6 weeks which was a nice surprise.
  • My OB checks HB at every apt. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and I'll have an anatomy scan at 20 weeks. I think they'll also do one last US towards the very end...not positive, but they did with number #1 so I am guessing it's part of their routine.
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  • Ultrasounds aren't every appointment but I would definitely not be leaving til they listened to my baby's heartbeat every time! It's so reassuring to hear it. Last time I had heart rate read was 12 weeks and it was 158. I get my 16 week checkup Wednesday.
  • @OneRainDrop I thought the u/s near the end was just to check for baby's positioning. Don't quote me or anything but I think that's what it's for lol. Also, not sure if this is for everyone but also to check your amniotic fluid amounts.
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  • @kynbar5, yup! That's what I remember too!
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  • Yes to heart rate and only us at 12 weeks and 20 weeks unless there are other factors. I had low amniotic fluid with baby 1 so I think I may have a few more us to monitor measurement. I feel like with baby 1 I did not have heart rate checked every visit but def all before 20 weeks
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    Listen to heartbeat via Doppler at every appointment starting at 12 weeks, your dr should definitely be doing that. 1 or 2 ultrasounds is all I would usually have.

    eta her heart rate has always been around 160
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  • I had a dating ultrasound at 8/9ish weeks. My OB hasn't checked the heart rate via doppler yet. But I ended up in the ER today after having a bad fall. They checked baby's heartbeat and said it was a strong 152 (13 weeks).

    It was immensely reassuring to hear it. I would probably ask your OB if he would check the heartbeat if you are concerned about anything.
  • Every appointment they check the heart rate for us. I'm sure if you ask they would do it. Your far enough along that it shouldn't be to hard to find.
  • @MrsPittman13 hope you're ok! Glad baby is! :)

    I've an appointment on tues and I'll be 15 weeks. I am anxiously waiting to hear the heartbeat.

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  • ecwk said:

    @MrsPittman13 hope you're ok! Glad baby is! :)

    I've an appointment on tues and I'll be 15 weeks. I am anxiously waiting to hear the heartbeat.

    Just a bit sore! But I got some time off of work to recoup.
  • My doctor checks heart rate every visit, but usually would only order the anatomy scan at 18-20 weeks unless there's a problem. At 14 weeks and change my baby's was 145-160 depending on whether it was an active time of day for her/him. 15 weeks tomorrow.
  • Yea so after reading all this...... Im changing my check up centre....thank you all for the inputs...
  • Strange that they wouldn't check heart rate, that is routine for my midwife at monthly checkups even though they don't have ultrasound in the office. I was sent to hospital for dating ultrasound at 9 weeks, trisonomy screening at 13, and will do anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks. Last checkup was 13 weeks with heart rate 152-158 on the Doppler.
  • Had US at 12w to date baby
    And anatomy will be at 20 weeks
    Fetal heartbeat every time
  • I have seen 2 different doctors lately and they both say heart beat at this stage isn't important. They see the baby's heart is beating but they don't measure it, one of them let me listen after I asked so hard:) they told me that at early pregnancy checking on the bpm is important, at this stage they are checking on different things like head size, upper leg bone length...
  • I'm in Europe. We listened to the heartbeat at our 12w scan (170bpm). my midwife also tried to find it a week earlier with a Doppler, but couldn't. Just had my 16w check up and she quickly found it with the Doppler, heartbeat was around 150bpm this time :)

    Here they listen at every appointment and they will even do it for you if you're worried or anxious. I don't feel anything yet and no real bump, so hearing the heartbeat was very reassuring.
  • My doctor listens to the heartbeat every appointment from 12 weeks on. I heard little baby today and it was around 150.

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  • Checked our twinnies heart rate this afternoon at our OB appointment ... 155 and 145 bpm.
  • My OB checks the heart rate at every appointment on her handheld Doppler. Although she doesn't give me a number just says sounds good and such. At my US appointments they can actually give a precise number. My last was 168.
  • 15 weeks 160 bpm
  • Heartbeat at 12 weeks, 16 weeks, etc. No photo until 20 week ultrasound
  • Heart rate is checked every appointment for me, if not an ultrasound appointment my OB uses his handheld doppler. At 15w baby's heartbeat is 156 bpm and an ultrasound was done. I didn't have to ask for prints my OB just handed them to me as they finished printing.
  • Every appointment except the first. His heartbeat was 150 on Tuesday. I am 16 weeks today.
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  • HR at every appt after 10 weeks, but I know some officers wait till 12-14 weeks to do that. Only one ultrasound at 20ish weeks unless there's a problem.
  • 15 weeks, heartbeat was 147.

    My doc checks for heart rate every appointment.

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  • I'll only get 2 U/S unless there are complications. Had the first at 8 weeks, and this second one will be my anatomy scan I'll have at 18 weeks and 4 days (can't wait to find out what we're having!). They check the baby's heart rate everytime. Last time it was at 138!
  • I had my appt at 14 weeks and it was 150.
  • I'm 16 weeks and have been to the obgyn 2 times now and everytime he checks the babies heart rate and have a us! My babies heart rate is around 165-170bpm, can't wait to find out the sex already.
  • I had my appointment today (16 w), it was 155. No ultrasound
  • kynbar5 said:

    Every doctors office is different but I believe they should at least be checking the heartbeat (via Doppler usually).

    ^ agreed! at my prenatal appointments they always check heartrate. I've only gotten one US done (at 12 weeks), & was given the option of 1 free print or $10 for a CD of photos.
    I'm at 15w3d & my baby's heatrate is at 150bmp, or at least it was at the time of the appointment. the doctor mentioned that the heartrate changes throughout the day tho. at 12 weeks the heartrate was at 165bmp.
  • Three ultrasounds -7w, anatomy scan, 36w- plus an optional NT scan. OB checks the heart rate with a handheld Doppler at every appointment after 10w.

    Had my 16w today, heartbeat was 152.
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  • I've had the heartbeat checked at each appointment. 11w+3 was 160, 15w+2 was 155.

    I know this sounds a little crazy, but I bought one of those $4.99 iPhone baby heartbeat apps (the pink one, cancels out white noise and will give you the HB number, but the HB noise is artificial not the same sound as a Doppler). I was very skeptical, still am somewhat (and it doesn't always work), but every now and then I use it and after ~5 minutes of moving it around on my belly (case off, in airplane mode) it picks up baby's heartbeat. Just enough to reassure me when I'm feeling nervous. But that's just my experience, and again it doesn't always work right away (which I know, so I don't freak out), it's more just a fun tool every now and then.
  • They definately should be checking the heartbeat. At drs office at every visit after 14 weeks and on ultrasound. Id definately question it and maybe consider going somewhere else. My babies heartbeat
    15 was 146, 17 weeks 144.
  • They always checked the heartrate for me, but they only told me a number twice. At 12 weeks it was around 126 (baby laying there, calm) and at 16 it was 151 (baby moving around).

    Every other time I saw the heart beating, and the doctor seemed happy with it too, so I didn't worry much.

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