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How will you announce your pregnancy?


Re: How will you announce your pregnancy?

  • One time long before we got married, I asked my husband how he thought he would react if I got pregnant, and he said that he would high five me.  We've referenced that conversation many times since then, so I plan on walking out of the bathroom after my BFP and giving him a giant grin and an enormous high five.  He'll figure it out right quick.

    I'm also holding out the tiniest bit of hope that we'll have some news for our parents at the holidays...

  • Me too! I would love to have them open something calling them grandparents. My moms biggest Christmas wish is to have a grandchild
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  • My husband will be present while I am peeing on the damn stick like an idiot and waiting just as excitedly as me, so I've never even considered how I would tell him. :)

    We have recently been looking at seasonally appropriate ways to tell our parents when the time comes. We're starting TTC in spring, so if it happens quickly we will probably have a barbecue or something and announce it there. I'd like to think of something cooler than that, but I am not the creative one in our family. Maybe hubs can come up with something better when we cross that bridge.

    I am the oldest of my sibling group and my husband is an only child, so our baby will be the first for all the grandparents and I think they are going to FREAK no matter how we tell them.
  • My DH wants nothing to do with me POAS so I'll be able to surprise him with an announcement. He works in the bakery so I'm thinking of buying a bun and putting it in the oven and telling him to check on dinner in the oven. I'm not sure if it's lame or not. I've watched a bunch of YouTube videos of pregnancy announcement and it can be addicting.
    Every month, I find different ideas on how to tell my parents. It's hard since there's already 5 grandkids on that side of the family. For example, next months idea is for Christmas. There might still be time, but my family plans on doing family photos and they want to color coordinate as in, the grandparents be in white, my sisters and I and our SO be in grey or black and the grandkids be in red. I would have totally added a little bit of red to my outfit as my announcement.
    As for my DH family, we were the first to get married so we thought we would be the first to bring a grandkid in the mix but his sister beat us to it. I'm still not sure how we would announce it to them though.
    As for Facebook, I also have a few ideas on how to tell my friends and family who live further than us. It just comes and goes every once in a while.
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  • We are huge St. Louis Blues fans, so if I can keep it to myself long enough, I plan to get a baby Blues jersey with our last name at the top, and the year they are due (17 at this point) as their number. DH will then open that up when it arrives, because I won't be able to hold it in any longer after that. 
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  • hmm... I think I would try to wait until DH came home... and maybe wrap the Preg. Test up like a little present? Nothing too elaborate... last time I just texted him with an OMG I THINK THIS IS POSITIVE... then I had to wait until the end of his work day to actually see him, which was terrible! 

    As for others, definitely waiting until 13+ weeks. Last time we told way too many people early, then had to explain to way too many people what happened. DH told way more people than me, but I think I'll enforce the "it's a secret" thing a bit more this time.
  • On the tv my DH and I saw a couple doing the POAS together, so I asked him if he wanted to do the same to find out if I'm pregnant once I think the odds are good. His respond was that he'll probably find out as soon as I start vomiting and my belly starts growing lol. Explained him that it will take some time before my belly starts to show.
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  • We're on month 4 TTC. I wanted to setup something cute with our dogs, but I know he'll be there for the test and there's no hiding it on my face lol. With the relatives I'd like it to happen around a holiday like valentines so we can get everyone cards: "Happy Valentine's Grandpa!" or make coffee mugs with "grandpa" in the bottom so they have to drink it to find out. They'll have to do a double take either way!
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