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Absence of the corpus callosum

Hi Ladies, I'm new to these threads as I have just received heartbreaking news at 23 weeks. We had our anatomy scan 4 weeks ago and at our monthly appointment a few days ago we were told a few views of the brain looked like there may be an abnormality but were comforted by our OB not to worry. He sent us for a level II US and met with a perinatologist right after who told us our baby appeared to have absense of his corpus callosum (ACC).
Of course this news is devastating and completely unexpected as we believed our initial anatomy scan appeared normal for the last 4 weeks. I have to get an MRI in the next week or two (hoping for sooner rather than later) and I will likely need an amniocentesis to check for genetic anomalies.
Reaching out for support and maybe to find someone in a similar situation. This is a difficult diagnosis as the prognosis for ACC has a broad spectrum for perfectly normal to some significant disabilities and behavioral problems.
It's pretty crazy how our lives could change in an instant but I feel thankful for my husband and family's support. Trying to stay positive.

Re: Absence of the corpus callosum

  • Stay positive! We received similar news at 18 weeks and went for an MRI. Ultrasounds can't see a lot of things and every baby develops at different rates. Get the MRI and see what they say, but even if your baby is missing some/all of it baby's brains continue to develop even after birth and there are tons of adults living normal lives with partial or no C.C.

    I just had our daughter last Saturday and, just to be safe, we let them do an ultrasound on her brain and everything was (still) fine. Try to hang tight until you get that MRI!
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  • Thank you for the support, MRI in 2 days.
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  • I am 24 weeks and was told my son has severe hydrocephalus and is missing some of his corpus collesium but after the mri the only big issue seems to be the swelling. Hope you receive good news! Sending hugs
  • Definitely get the amnio to help get some answers... I was scared to get the amnio, but at a reputable hospital with an experienced doctor they are very safe. Gave me so much peace of mind... Sending good thoughts your way that everything is ok with your LO :).
  • Thank you all for the support. My MRI ended up being normal! We were in shock when the radiologist told us as this was never discussed as a possibility. We know our little guy would have lots of love either way, but we are so thankful things turned out to be okay. Sending positive thoughts to your babies, too!
  • Thank God! So good to see positive updates.
  • So glad to hear that! :)
  • My daughter was born without her corpus callosum but I didn't find out until she was 15 months that it was missing she started having seizures due to other medical problems but her Neuro says that it's growing in slowly and we won't know how much it will grow in until she is six she does have delays but she's is doing well she is just over 2 now
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