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Bleeding after transvaginal ultrasound!!

I had my first ultrasound today at 6 + 2 and we saw the heartbeat, which I didn't expect and was amazing. The ultrasound happened at 10am today and while I was sitting around later, like 5pm-ish, I felt a little gush of fluid. I wiped, expecting to see clear, but instead it was bright red blood! I called my Dr right away and he said to take it easy and that bleeding can happen sometimes after a T/V ultrasound. He didn't seem too worried since my numbers today are so good (HCG 34,000, Progest 26.8 with daily Crinone 8%, Est. 438) and we saw the heartbeat which is great, but obviously I'm totally thrown and worried! Thankfully I don't have any cramping. Has anyone else experienced bleeding after a T/ V ultrasound that later resolved? Hugs!

Re: Bleeding after transvaginal ultrasound!!

  • How stressful! I haven't had it but my midwife warned me I might bleed after my pap. If your doctor said you're good then try listen to him. But definitely if anything gets worse(bad cramps, more bleeding) don't be afraid to call him right back! Good luck :)

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  • Bleeding after sex, an internal exam, or transvaginal ultrasound is normal and common. Your vagina and cervix are both easily irritated during pregnancy.
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  • Thanks for the replies! Helps to keep reading that it happens. It's just such a shock after such a good report this morning, but I guess that should help me worry less. And I wish it was just spotting, but it's definitely bleeding. Sigh...just laying around now and keeping the faith.
  • Yes, I have had it after TV ultrasounds. I know its frightening for sure. Hang in there and thinking of you.

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  • How did things work out. Hoping the best i am 9 weeks now but had exact same as this at 6 wks 3 days. Doc said don't worry have scan on monday still worried. 
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