9 months

I had my son at 30 weeks weighing 1 lb 8.9 oz, now hes 10 lbs 9 oz ! And a fireball! Anyone else have a 30 weeker??

Re: 9 months

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    Wow that is tiny! My baby was born at 28 weeks but she was 2lb 5oz. She's 10 months now (7months corrected) and 14lbs. Still small even for her corrected age. I think it makes her look cuter tho
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    I just had my son almost 3 weeks ago now at 29+6. He's a monster compared to your babies birth weight tho, 3lbs! Lol. I can't wait to watch him grow and take him home! ! How old is your guy now?
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    My son was born 31weeks at 2lbs 10oz considered tiny he is 14months now 12adjusted and just 18lbs still small but healthy and happy just started walking and loves to eat! Preemies are the strongest little people:)
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