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faint positive after TL

Hi ladies , hope everyone is having a good day/night. I was wondering what are the chances of me getting pregnant after Tubal Ligation . I gave birth jul 9th and had a TL . I had my first period normal on august 12. I have been having unprotected sex because of course no chance of getting pregnant . Well my period is not here yet, i tested two days ago and it was blank no line so i decided to test again since still no signs of af . And the first test there was a faint line so of course i was like no way so took another test and there it was again but they are so fain . I try taking a picture but is really hard to see . Have anyone got pregnant after a tubal ? Or know of anyone ? Thanks in advance .

Re: faint positive after TL

  • My old roomates bf is a product of it. So yep it can happen. Probably not very common. I also knew of a man with a vasectomy who had twins after it was done so unless you have a hysterectomy nothing is 100 percent.
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  • Every doc will do the tl differently. So yeah there is a chance. I had one after my dd 20 years ago and they cauterized the tubes so I did not get pregnant. Not all docs will cauterize though. When I got married 4 years ago we found a great doc to do the reversal for a very very low price and I was pregnant a month after. I believe it was to soon which is why we lost him.

    On a side note. If u know anyone who wants the reversal done, she is in Jackson Tennessee and total cost was 4500.00. We traveled from Rockford IL. Around here the cost is around 30 grand.
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  • Yes, it's possible to become pregnant after this. Not at all likely, but possible. Even if the lines are faint, they're lines. Call your doctor.

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