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Cereal in bottle?

My son is 5 1/2 months old, and I'm starting him on cereal. Should I put the cereal in his bottle or feed it to him with a spoon? It seems too watery to eat with a spoon, but too thick to flow through the bottle.

Re: Cereal in bottle?

  • Cereal in a bottle is a choking hazard. I suggest skipping cereal all together.
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  • Skip cereal. But if you must, don't put it in a bottle.
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  • Skip cereal. But if you must, don't put it in a bottle.

    Yep. This. You can start on purees if you want. They are bland and fairly easy on the system. Just start with level 1.
  • Cereal is totally fine. It's just a preference if you start with it or not. I liked it because it has iron in it. I agree to not put it in the bottle though. I made the cereal very watered down at first with breast milk but as baby got a little better with the spoon I realized she likes it thicker. We started with cereal because it doesn't have much of a taste different from what she's used to. Once she got really good at eating from the spoon we moved to apples and then carrots. I'm very happy with how we progressed.
  • We also started with cereal, just a few feedings to see how DS liked it. I do like that it has Iron in it, since he is BF. We have now moved on to Butternut Squash, Green Beans, and Carrots, which I steam and puree at home. I am aware of the little nutritional value that rice cereal has but I like to mix in a little with what ever veggie we are introducing on Day 3 to give him a little variety. 
  • I'm also in the camp of stick with a nutritional food and skip cereal.
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