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First Week of Daycare and Nightmares

My son who is 18 months just started daycare this week.  He is only half days but I know its a big adjustment.  Since Monday he has been waking up from his naps and bedtime hysterical screaming.  Prior to this week other than teething he was a perfectly peaceful sleeper.  I think its from the change in routine.  Just curious if any other moms have experienced this. 

Re: First Week of Daycare and Nightmares

  • When we started daycare at 15 months we had a similar issue. We do half day daycare as well. When I dropped him off he would be fine, no crying or pouting, etc. And would be fine when DH picked him up mid-day. But would wake up early from his nap for the first 2-3 weeks (don't remember exactly how long) crying. He just needed a bit of extra comfort to adjust to the new routine and I think it was partly because he missed my DH (he's the one who's home more with the lo). Eventually it stopped though, and he LOVES his daycare and his friends.
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