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Diagnosed with stage 3 TTTS at 17 weeks

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 TTTS two days ago. During the scan before the procedure Baby B had over 11 cm of fluid and Baby A had no measurable fluid, no visible bladder, and irregular blood flow to the heart. My surgery went well, they only shared 4 vessels that were lasered. 15 hours after surgery I had another scan, Baby B had normal fluid levels, Baby A had normal blood flow to the heart, and a nice full bladder. I know the next two weeks are critical. Have any other moms gone through this?

Re: Diagnosed with stage 3 TTTS at 17 weeks

  • Wow. I'm sure that was scary! I haven't experienced this, but I am expecting twins who share a placenta so they are watching me pretty closely. My doctor told me about my options should it come to TTTS and she was very thankful for this new surgery that you just had! I am only 9 weeks and 3 days along so neither of them are very big right now. How far along were you when they diagnosed TTTS?
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