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Which schedule is better for baby and sitter?

I am first responder and my job requires me to work afternoons and weekends. I get a whole weekend off every 5 weeks. I am a single parent the father is not involved in any which way possible. I always assumed that when I had a baby I would be able to use daycare but due to my career daycare hours are of no good use to me. I'm home ALL DAY. Besides even if I joined the day shift I would still be working weekends. I currently work 4pm to midnight 4 days and 2 days off. ( I also have the option to join the overnight shift 9m to 5am again 4 days and 2 off). My dad aka grandpa runs his own business and is always free afternoon and weekends. He said he will always be there to babysit. I even asked him to move into my home. I have a 5 bedroom home so I have plenty of space. Grandma live about 20 minutes away and Will likely want to spend some days with the baby too here and there. My question is since the grandparents will be baby sitting what schedule would be best for baby. FYI my parents are young mom is 49 and dad is 55.

Re: Which schedule is better for baby and sitter?

  • Hi. It really depends on you. If you work the overnight shift most likely the baby will be sleeping and when you get home he/she will be awake for you to say good morning then you will be asleep afterwards. Good about that is when you finally wake up hopefully the baby nap time will be over and you get to see him/her again before you go into work. If you have off the next day it gives you (or feels like) more time off.

    Now, if you do the late evening shift you and baby will kind of have a similar sleep schedule and you get to be with him/her until you have to go.

    So, it depends on what you want. If it were me I would do the 4-12. if your Dad decides to move in. Only because he will be free in time to take over when you are ready to go to work and it will be closest to your baby sleep schedule. Also, when you do have off it won't feel like your pulled in a different sleep pattern. You will be ready to go as normal.
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