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Hi all! We are under going some testing and reviewing our options. One of those options will be using my sister as a surrogate. She has two beautiful children and regrets not getting her tubes tied when she had her second child. She is 29.

She has offered to be our surrogate if we need it and she can get her tubes tied during the c-section. We still have a lot of details to hammer out and we might not even need a surrogate but I was curious to hear any stories about using a surrogate.

I'd like to know if you used her eggs or your own and how well you knew her. Plus pretty much anything and everything about the process. Also, how is your relationship with her after the baby was born? Your relationship with the baby? Her relationship with the baby?



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Re: Sister As Surrogate

  • I'm sorry I'm no help because I didn't go through this. I'm just reaching out to say, my heart is with you--this sounds very tough. I recommend getting professional counselling from someone who has worked a lot with this process. I think his/her knowledge would be very valuable. 
  • My sister in law was our gestational carrier.  The embryos were genetically mine and my husband's.  We have an almost five month old baby boy now!  The experience overall was a good one.  I know it can be a roller coaster, but my SIL was great, and she did not have any emotional issues after the baby was born.  We did undergo counseling as a couple, and with my SIL and her husband, before we began the process.  I think that's a great thing to do.  It was required by our doctor.  I'm happy to answer any questions you have.  Feel free to message me!
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  • I don't have advice in this area either - just wanted to show you some love. Good luck.
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  • I don't have any experience to share--we are planning to do a surrogate in the future, but the two kids I have now I carried myself (I lost my uterus with my second child's birth). That is really awesome that your sister has offered. Gestational surrogates are so insanely expensive that the cost is prohibitive for a lot of people.

    So, no experience or advice, but like plumeria, wanted to show you some love! Good luck with your journey!
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