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Wednesday GTKY

I know there are a few of y'all about to take some far away vacations - the couple that I have heard, whether they be vacation or honeymoon, they sound lovely.

If you could go on vacation, where would you go? Stay within state? Country? Different country? Different continent?

Have a great day, y'all!

Re: Wednesday GTKY

  • So I am really a Texan, y'all - I barely have an accent, but "y'all" is standard in my vocabulary. So my dream vacation is for my husband to take me away out to west Texas to the mountains and plains. I am dying to see the Milky Way in the Lone Star State.
    Google "Big Bend Milky Way". I want my mind blown.
  • One of the major trips DH and I are planning is still a ways away.  We want to visit Scotland and Ireland!  I would also like to see parts of Germany.  

    While we are saving up for that we have a few ideas... Florida to visit grandparents, Utah to visit friends, and maybe California.  We went to Arizona a few years back, (he ended up proposing at the Grand Canyon).  

    Every year we do go a few hours outside of town to hit up a cabin in the woods with friends. We refer to this as "Friendcation"
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  • We just got back from Hawaii a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic!!

    We are both dying to do a Mediterranean vacation - Spain and Greece. A little bit of exploring mixed with relaxation would be amazing. Back in 2012 we did a 10 day trip to London, Paris and Brussels which was phenomenal. I highly recommend a big trip before TTC if it's in your budget! 
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  • We're one of the ones with a planned trip to Amsterdam-can't wait!

    Next (hopefully for our first "leave baby with Grandma and Grandpa trip") we want to return to Bonaire, a chill Carribbean island that is great for diving. It's really the best dive trip that's doable in our current budget range.

    If we are financially able to travel abroad with a youngun, Iceland, Ireland, and the Azores are on our to-do list and also doable with a young child. All are affordable, brief flights from Boston. I've been to Ireland and LOVE it, but H hasn't yet.

    Long term dream destinations include Fiji and New Zealand (return for me, first time for H), Hong Kong, Tokyo, Barcelona, Grand Cayman, Machu Picchu, and the Maldives for diving. We also want to do western national parks once our kids are old enough to enjoy hiking (8-10 on up).

    Travel is pretty important to us, and we prioritize it over optional home projects or the fanciest cars. It's such a gift to be able to see different parts of the world, and we feel so blessed to have had the opportunity.
  • I would love to go back to Paris. As a poet especially, it felt like a second home to me. I felt like I had found my people!

    But for a realistic budget, I'd like to go back to Manhattan with DH. The last time I went was with my grandmother, which was nice, but we only did the touristy stuff. Now that I'm older -- and known for a certain obsession with Woody Allen movies -- I'd like to go back and see Manhattan for real. My husband has been there several times and even slept on a park bench in Central Park in college so I think it would be amazing to go together and experience the city.
  • @HookEmNelson :-O woooow!! Just googled that and it looks insanely beautiful! I'm adding that to my bucket list for sure! I love visiting Upper Michigan where I am from for that exact reason that there is very little light pollution and the stars always look amazing!

    I would loooove to visit Greece! I think seeing the ruins of where civilization truly started would just be so amazing! And all of the pictures from the bays in Greece just look absolutely breath taking! We might go visit a friend who lives in Germany next May for our anniversary and make our way over to Greece :x now the only thing to figure out would be how to calm down my anxiety enough to get me on an 8 hour flight.... :))
  • @AshPat0525 I visited Greece in college and toured all the major historic and dawn of civilization sights. Truly amazing. It's profound to see the beginning of western civ and the landscape there is unlike anything I had seen before!
  • gabpepsi said:

    @AshPat0525 I visited Greece in college and toured all the major historic and dawn of civilization sights. Truly amazing. It's profound to see the beginning of western civ and the landscape there is unlike anything I had seen before!

    Agree. I visited Athens and the Agean islands about five years ago - incredible!!
  • I love this GTKY.
    I'm a literary nut, so I would love to do a tour of the UK, and visit some of the places where my favorite authors wrote, were inspired, lived, and were laid to rest.  That's my dream vacation. 

    A more realistic trip my hubby and I are planning is an American author tour of the south. He would drive to the next place as I read the books aloud in the car. I read aloud a lot at home because he likes to listen to books better than reading them. Some of the places we would visit include Flannery O'Connor's home in Savannah, the home state of Willa Cather, Virginia, and end at the Hemingway house in the Florida Keys. 
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  • We just got back from a Caribbean cruise that was awesome. It was just what I needed lately, pure relaxation, and it's honestly so hard to be back... even a week later. Sigh.

    We originally planned on taking our Honeymoon (back in April) to Hawaii, Bora Bora and Tahiti. But right after the wedding, we ended up moving from our 4 bedrooms house in the suburbs to a new 1.5 bedroom apartment downtown and that whole process was so time consuming and expensive, we decided to take a smaller Honeymoon to a Sandals resort in Antigua. It still ended up being a perfect Honeymoon, but I still want to take that original vacation and we definitely plan to someday.

    So, if I could go on vacation right now, it would be two weeks in Hawaii, Bora Bora and Tahiti. :) Someday... 
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  • Oh my goodness, I don't know where to start. We are born and bred North Carolinians, never been out of the country or barely the South.

    We are going to Savannah and St. Augustine in January for our 1 year anniversary/baby making vacation.

    If I could choose anywhere, I'd want to do a European tour. Scotland, Ireland, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, all of them. I would also settle for a Mediterranean cruise.

    We also want to do a tropical vacation. Like a Sandals type resort in St. Lucia or something. Maybe a cruise to the Caribbean?

    As far as in the states, We are planning to go to Boston next summer for a Sox game and do some historical tours and tour breweries. We also want to go out west to Montana and Wyoming. 

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  • All my vacations has been in Europe or North America, so I really want to go to Asia, South America and Australia. But as I haven't gone yet, and I'm hopefully pregnant next summer, it will probably not happen over the next few years.
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