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My H and I have been researching Gymboree. Its the only activity in our area for LO to do. He really needs to get out and interact. He is too little for most of the things at the park here (he's 11 mos) and there are no mom groups or babies around here his age. The only thing is it costs $65/month and we are just getting by right now but H says we can swing it by cutting costs elsewhere because DS really needs it. So any moms have advice for Gymboree? Do you love it? Is it really worth the cost? Thanks ladies

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  • We went for a birthday party and it was fantastic. I haven't taken him back because we can do activities at the park district for less money.
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  • You can go on slides at the park. Hold him on your lap on a swing. This is not a necessity and I don't think you should waste your money on it.

    Is there a library? Ours has story time and they can interact after.
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  • Thanks ladies
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