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  • irenewslee said. We got the same ones and I believe we still have half a box left so it would be perfect for this kid. 

  • So my SO and I have been having a debate.... What is the best placement in the backseat of a car or SUV for a carseat? Left side, Right side, middle??
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  • Middle is the safest. It receives the least damage in an impact. Sides can sometimes not only end up with direct impact but have side air bags deploy into them. Runner-up is behind the drivers side. Passenger's side is the most dangerous because regardless of who is in that passenger seat the brain sets focus on survival of the driver and automatically endangers the passengers side. 

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  • Look and see what you manual says for your specific car. Most middle seats don't have the LATCH system. As long as the seat is properly installed, any of those should be adequate,  given it is not touching the front seat.
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  • Awesome. Thanks ladies! 
    Also, while I'm on here... Has anyone else experienced sensitivity and minor pain when adjusting while sitting or laying? What I mean is on the spot where baby seems to be laying if I bump it or even roll over too far I sometimes get a sharp pain like I'm hurting her. I know, sounds crazy, but anywhere she seems to be laying is pretty sensitive right now. 
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  • The pain you're feeling when adjusting is probably baby hitting some nerves. I get it too. 
  • skruhmin said:
    Look and see what you manual says for your specific car. Most middle seats don't have the LATCH system. As long as the seat is properly installed, any of those should be adequate,  given it is not touching the front seat.

    And some middle seats that do have LATCH systems, aren't wide enough for certain car seats, so along with your cars owners manual you need to check your car seat manual to make sure that the width between the latches is appropriate. I think most need 11 inches I believe. 

    And you shouldn't use both the LATCH system and a seat belt at the same time. 

    I would get with a car seat technician in your area to ensure its properly installed. 
  • Does a slower heart rate indicate labor is approaching or just that the baby is getting bigger so the heartbeat slows? Last week baby's HB was 155 and this week it was 126 at the U/S and 132 with the doctor. 

    Also for anyone interested: last week they checked my cervix and I found it pretty traumatic: there was a huge gush of blood and I spotted for 2 days. This morning I asked my OB if we had to check every week and he said no, not at all and that we will only check if I request it. I don't think I'm going to request it. Lol. Does anyone like having their cervix checked? Why? Are there reasons to?
  • I like having mine checked to know if I am progressing, but there is no harm in not being checked. I spotted afterwards, as well.

  • I'm totally not into getting my cervix checked.  It doesn't matter who does it; it makes me holler every time.  I'd rather find a doctor like yours who felt that way about weekly checks.  

  • I never get checks unless absolutely necessary. They don't really give you any useful information, I don't think. 
  • I don't think I am having mine checked again. I had it checked just for funsies last week at my appointment; it wasn't my regular ob (meeting all the doctors in the practice), and she immediately sent me to l&d.  I have been there 3 times since for prodromal labor because I can't tell when it's the real deal- my contractions get really intense and close together, then for whatever reason they stop and I'm left looking like an idiot a day get sent back home without a baby. Not dealing with the heartache this week.
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  • So yesterday at work I bumped my belly pretty hard into the corner of a paper tray sticking out of one of our big copiers.  It didn't hurt so bad that it made me cry or anything, but it did definitely hurt.  Baby has been moving since then, and I haven't had any bleeding, but that whole side of my belly has been sore ever since.  I keep getting occasional twinges on that side, but I can't tell if it's related or just normal pregnancy twinges that I'm now over-analyzing.  I know the general consensus is to call my doctor if I'm worried, but I guess my question is - should I be worried?  I had a similar situation a few months ago where the subway door almost closed on my belly (although I'd say this belly bump hurt more when it happened), and my doctor said as long as there is movement and no bleeding I shouldn't worry about it, but I didn't stay sore that time like I have this time.  My instinct is that it's nothing, but I thought I'd check with you ladies to see if I'm missing any possible red flags.  (Like, in the deep recesses of my mind there are nagging irrational thoughts like "what if I caused internal damage to my placenta and the baby is now swallowing blood in the amniotic fluid?") Thoughts?
  • I would call just to ease your mind. It is probably nothing, but one phone call may help you to eliminate that voice in the back of your mind.

  • I would call. I had a similar situation last week, except I tripped up the stairs at work and landed on my hands and knees. Didn't hit my belly but I thought I'd mention it to my OB at my appt later that day. I was actually surprised that she did have me hook up to a monitor for 20 mins to just monitor the baby's heart rate and movement. So they may have you do something like that as a precaution, but it wasn't a big deal and definitely eased my mind!
  • Anyone with the experience of pain drugs not working on them? With DD, epidural didn't really work (maybe they didn't do it right) but I was in soooo much pain that I felt like I was doing it drug-free, except the fact that I got the shivering effect from the epidural.  If it didn't work for you the first time, will you do it again (or for third time+ mom, did it work the second time)?  I asked my OB today and I got my expected / standard / lame answer of "every pregnancy is different so it's not guaranteed that it will or will not work this time around".
  • So I never ended up sending out birth announcements for my first DS because I was lazy and I didn't think it mattered at the time .. I kind of wish I did later but o well.
     now im wondering if I should send out announcements after DS #2 is born or not even bother since I didn't do it the first time ? What would you do ?

  • I ordered some for this LO even though we didn't for our first.  I realized that it will be nice for our family to get them.  Plus they were free so I figured why not.

  • Lurker from April BMC! Does anyone know if the period between contractions and heading to l&d, if it's safe to soak in a warm bath at home? 
  • Ljljljl said:
    Lurker from April BMC! Does anyone know if the period between contractions and heading to l&d, if it's safe to soak in a warm bath at home? 
    Generally they say as long as your water hasn't broken, you are fine to labor some in the tub.  I did & I will be doing it again this time.

  • @Ljljljl It should be fine- I spent a lot of time soaking in the tub at the hospital once I got there with my first. 

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  • @Ljljljl it should be safe, but if you go into the tub too early you might slow down birth and stop the contractions. I wasn't aloud to enter the tub before I had reach a certain point when I had DS
  • What is the difference between losing your mucus plug and bloody show? Are they the same thing? I know your mucus plug can be tinged with blood, but is bloody show a mucus consistency too? 
  • Bloody show is a mucus consistency but it is a lot bloodier than just blood tinged mucus... You will be able to tell the difference.
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