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Crazy Rules for Naming Your Baby


Re: Crazy Rules for Naming Your Baby

  • My rules are:
    • each sibling has their own first initial (having unique middle initials is ideal but not mandatory)
    • must lend itself to a nickname (even if we don't outright pick a nickname for them)
    • must fit well with other siblings (we'll be sticking with biblical names, since boyfriend has a son with a biblical name already)
    • no alliterative names, whether in first-last, first-middle, or middle-last combos 
    • can't be in top 100 (even better if it isn't in the top 1000)
    • no "unique" spellings (can be a spelling variation if there are valid variants cross culturally/overtime)
    • family/honor names cannot be used as first names (middle or second middles only)
    • can't rhyme with last name (sorry -ell[e] names!)
    I feel like I have more rules, but that's all I can think of at the moment. 
  • I don’t have any rules - they don’t necessarily have to sound matchup. DH’s parents named all their kids with names ending in an/en (Brian, Kristen, Evan)... it just sounds kind of boring to me. 
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