Babies: 9 - 12 Months

hello guys

I don't know where to introduce myself, hope I can do it here.
English isn't my native language, so also excuse my grammatical and spelling errors.

I am young mom at 25, my son is 8+ months almost 9 in two days, living every thing about being a mom...

I take am young mom but I wished to be a very young mom, I got married 2 months after my 20th birthday, life was beautiful and all untill I had my first miscarriage 3 months after my wedding, I shook it off after alot of strength, it happened again after 8 months and I was 3 month pregnant, I felt enough for now and had a break for a year, things started to get scarier when I couldn't fall pregnant the 3rd time (I felt why wont it happen, I fell pregnant right away the first two times) then finally I fell pregnant after 10 months, a sigh of relieve, but the fear of miscarriage was a nightmare, it happened one more time, my mind shattered, all my reports were clear, i feared i couldn't be a mom again, i really wished there was a solution, finally i fell pregnant on march of 2014, I was so very happy, this time around I felt this is it, I am going to be a mommy in another 10 months, I would say I had physically the easiest of pregnancy, but mentally I was so scared, scared to death of another miscarriage.....days went by, so did months and finally I had my blessing.

Congrats all you moms out there

Re: hello guys

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