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Need pants for my big belly!

Carrying twins here.

I'm already outgrowing the pants that I wore for my singleton pregnancy. I have some nice jeans but need comfy yoga pants or cloth pants for running around in the house....okay waddling around in the house. I know that my tummy is going to be huge. My aunt had twins also and she said that I'm not going to be able to reach the stove! Lol

Where can I get some pants from for my rapidly expanding waist?

Re: Need pants for my big belly!

  • I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow & still just wear standard maternity pants. I tend to fold the cloth piece in the front down & just let my belly hang over the top (sexy, right?!). I saw some really comfy looking cloth pants at Motherhood's outlet last week that I'm eyeing for post c section. You could maybe look there?
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  • I got a pair of yoga pants from the gap. They were the best investment and I just realized while typing this that I'm wearing them right now! Ha!
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