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Support group frustration

does anyone else feel as though support groups are geared toward stay at home moms? I would love to get together with other parents and glean info and tips, make new friends, and get encouragement at these free drop in mommy groups and breastfeeding support groups or baby wearing meet ups.... But they're all generally on weekday mornings and afternoons. It's frustrating that there's not much, at least in my city, on weekends. Anyone else finding the same? :/

Re: Support group frustration

  • I am assured the local mom meet-ups have evening and weekend events, but I am a little shy to try. Do you have flex hours at all? When I returned to work, for a while I took a long lunch once a month for a mom's group. There's another group at 10am that I'll drop in on once a blue moon (w/ our w/o LO depending).

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  • My moms group is actually made up of women from the Bump. We are a mix of SAHMs and WMs so we get together in the evenings and usually without our kids. I do get frustrated that a lot of classes are during the day, but if you search around enough, I think you should be able to find working mom friendly groups... Or start one yourself! :)
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  • That's great that you made "real life" friends through the Bump! My states group has like 4 people in it and hasn't had a new post in months haha. Yes I'll keep looking and will have to get creative. I think it's important to be around like minded ladies from time to time!
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