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CD with twins?

What considerations do I need to consider when cloth diapering twins? I've read a number of mums of multiples who swear by cloth nappies and I'd like to try because of the cost and environmental benefits.

Twins are normally born smaller - are there good preemie/newborn CD? I'm located in Australia.
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Re: CD with twins?

  • I have heard from a lot of moms who CD that they choose to use disposables instead of purchasing a set of NB since they're not in them long. Since you'll likely be looking at a longer time frame (and twice the diapers), I'm curious to know what suggestions people come up I'm going to lurk here a while, if you don't mind. I'm not hoping for twins, but my sister's baby was 6 weeks premature last year. I'm older than she and this is my first (and only) baby; I'm hoping to carry to term, but am curious to know about NB CD experiences just in case. 

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  • I bought osocozy size 1 prefolds, 3 thirsties size 1 covers, and 3 rumparooz newborn covers for the newborn period. The size 1 diapers fit my son until he was about a year (I still use the prefds to stuff pockets), and the newborn covers lasted about three months. He was below 10th percentile for height and weight until 15 months.
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  • I know in the states there are a lot of good cloth diapering services (where they wash the diapers for you) and they provide you with the correct sized diapers for each stage. They usually have discounts for twins.
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  • My sister cloth diapers her twins, she has A LOT of diapers, and used disposables in the beginning. She has "China cheapies", pocket diapers, and has been using the same ones since they were like a week old (both about 6 pounds at birth). Diaper services usually cost as much as disposable, so if you go that route, you'll be saving the environment, but I think that'd be it. When she introduced solid food, she just put a paper towel in the cloth diapers instead of purchasing special liners.
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