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Sleeping Too Much?

My daughter has been sleeping a lot over the last two weeks. She is 4 months, and her max awake time is usually an hour and a half. Every day she takes one 3.5-4 hour nap (today it was 4.5!), then a couple 1-2 hour naps. For example, today she slept from noon-4:30, then 6-midnight. I am just writing this post so I'm not sure what will happen after midnight. Some of you will laugh at this post, because some of my previous posts have been about DD being a daytime cat napper! Well, things have changed and I am just curious what others have experienced, and when to worry if a baby is sleeping too much, since there's a wide range of normal!

Re: Sleeping Too Much?

  • I'm sure she's fine. You'll find they go through so many crazy phases but trust me when I say that you will know when something is wrong. You'll end up spending so much time trying to find a reason for her behavior and before you know it, it will pass. Try not to stress everything.

    Do you have a bedtime for her? I was pretty lucky and my DD fell into the same patterns as my older son so almost from birth she was going to "bed" at around 8pm. Once she started wanting to nap late in the evening I just made that her bedtime instead and from about 4 months on, her new bedtime has been between 6:30-7pm.

    At 4 months old your LO should have somewhat of a predictable daytime pattern. I say "somewhat" loosely because sleep patterns should be a little more predictable by that age, even if naps suck or they go through a phase of sleeping a ton. A "nap" from 6pm to midnight shouldn't be happening. She should be going to bed then.

  • She has just recently started to have a bedtime, usually around 7:30, but she was tired at 6 last night so I put her down then. My son used to go to bed at 5:30 or 6, but only after we sleep trained him. If we could get her into that pattern it would be great!
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